Pandemic taught us important lessons

by Asher Dahlgren
Posted 7/1/21

"Education is a passport to the future." It's more than just tests and textbooks, rather, it's information and life skills that draw out passion and potential in ourselves.

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Pandemic taught us important lessons


"Education is a passport to the future." It's more than just tests and textbooks, rather, it's information and life skills that draw out passion and potential in ourselves. The acquisition of knowledge is what drives us to succeed and to be contributing members of society. During our middle school career, we navigated this landscape consisting of decision-making and everyday skills. We learned and grew in a cultivating environment suitable for creativity and success.

Catastrophically, we witnessed a virus sweep over our nation causing panic, confusion, and fear. At the time, we were delighted to have downtime as our in-school learning came to a halt. Little did we know that we would be imprisoned in our own homes for months. Consequently, our relationships and schooling were deferred causing a physical and mental health crisis.

During this pandemic, we encountered many obstacles such as the unfamiliarity of online schooling and being unable to visit family and friends. Luckily, we were able to cope with these obstacles as a society by protecting and supporting each other rather than placing blame. We all wore masks and did our part to help slow the spread.  Nonetheless, navigating through these obstacles was a great challenge. It was a challenge not only for us, but for the world.

I believe that this pandemic was the ultimate test of our character and habits. we had the time to do whatever we desired and the way we utilized that time was up to us. The ball was in our court. We could have decided to practice good habits by achieving our goals or doing something creative. Or, we could have valued pleasure over productivity and used that time inefficiently. The way we utilize ourselves, and our time, shapes us as people.

Myself specifically, I feel as if the one aspect of my life I would have changed in this pandemic was who, and what, I surrounded myself with. My relationships were suppressed due to the inability to go places and see people. Like all of us, I was unable to have conversations and confabulate with friends as I would normally. It was as if everyone, even loved ones, were zombies, and I had to flee for my life. Because life was so unusual, so lonely, I wish I had a greater urge to connect with people virtually.

Regardless of how we conducted ourselves through these challenging times, I believe we all came out stronger. we learned many life lessons as we navigated through this pandemic. we learned that we, as humans, are delicate alone. Nevertheless, we are more powerful, brighter, and can achieve anything when we come together as a community. As we begin our journey to high school, we mustn't underestimate the power of kindness and collaboration with peers and mentors. We can achieve anything by collaborating and coming together as one. That, I believe, is the greatest triumph of all.

Asher Dahlgren recently graduated from Springfield Middle School. He will begin high school at Springfield High in the fall.

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