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From corduroy to chrome: New trends in home design

by Patricia Cove
Posted 1/18/24

As happens every January, magazines and websites offer prognostications on the design trends for the coming year.

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By Design

From corduroy to chrome: New trends in home design


As happens every January, shelter magazines and websites offer prognostications on the design trends for the coming year. I'm never quite sure where these predictions originate. Perhaps they come from purchasing data, the advertising of new product lines, or tips from up-and-coming designers. Paint companies often name their color of the year, and furniture manufacturers introduce new lines. 

The cynic in me might think this is all done just to boost sales, but the businessperson inside understands that we all like something new when it comes to our surroundings. 

So, when all your holiday décor is all boxed up and your rooms are looking a bit bland, let me offer some design trends for 2024. And, to avoid the limited trend trap, I'll provide some individual trend alternatives that will give your home a boost.

When looking to update your interiors, make design choices that will add a spark to your décor, but also maintain the individuality that lets your own personality shine through.

Trend 1: Corduroy Upholstery Fabric

Alternative: Corduroy is the fabric that has always made up a comfy pair of pants, but I don’t see it holding up well when used as upholstery. Try beautiful chenille instead, in a toasty shade. This will still give texture and a soft feel, will wear a bit better, and you won’t have to worry about which direction the “stripes” are running.

Trend 2: Chrome Accents and Fixtures

I'm not sure exactly where this trend came from, but my guess is a hardware company. Unless you're creating a vintage '60s vibe, select a finish in a more subtle hue. Pewter or nickel will still provide that “silver” cast but with a much warmer and softer undertone.

Trend 3: Colorful Kitchens

If there's one trend to completely avoid, this is it. Not only will painting cabinets in a variety of colors quickly date your kitchen, but this could also easily affect a selling price if your home goes on the market. It's much better to select a neutral cabinet color and introduce more vibrant shades in your tableware, accent pieces, or even a bolder backsplash. These give you that pop of color trend and are easily removed to suit your changing tastes.

Trend 4: Scalloped Edges on Fabrics

Scallops are pretty. I remember having a scalloped bedspread growing up. But unless the scallops are smaller and understated, a room could end up resembling your grandmother’s. 

Instead of scallops, for example, select a flat decorative jacquard trim that can be added to the edges of a pillow, or the sides and bottoms of window shades. And if you want to take this trend to the next level, pull up the Houles or Scalamandre website, and select one of their stunning tassel trims or fringes that can be run down the sides and bottoms of drapery panels, or border the edges of side chairs.

Finally, no matter what you hear about trend forecasts for 2024, keep in mind that no one has to be “trendy” to create a beautiful interior. The real beauty of any space comes from your own personality and your own trend interpretations. Who needs scallops when you can choose lobster?

Happy New Year!

Patricia Cove is Principal of Architectural Interiors and Design in Chestnut Hill and can be reached through her website: