A vote for the firehouse

Posted 12/7/23

Voters in the 9th Division of the 9th Ward want to return to voting at the firehouse.

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A vote for the firehouse


A number of voters living in the 9th Division of the 9th Ward have been under the impression that we would return to voting at the firehouse once the remodeling work there was completed. 

However, there seems to be no movement in that direction, so it seemed important to make the County Election Board aware that this is something that matters to many of us living in the Ninth Division. Seventy-one of us signed the petition that follows and sent it to Commissioner Deeley the week after the recent election. As we are only a small percentage of the stakeholders in the division, it seems likely that others living in the division are also concerned about this.

A copy of this petition was also sent to Fire Commissioner Thiel but only Commissioner Deeley received the original petitions with names and addresses of the signers. 

We 9th Division voters who considered the Fire House our voting home were led to believe that we would be returning there once needed repairs and restoration work was done. The work has long been completed, but we’re seeing no move to return us to voting within our own Division.

Traveling to our currently assigned polling location makes it more difficult for voters who want to vote in person on election day – especially those without access to cars.  

While Mail voting is a wonderful option that has been widely embraced, it should remain just that – an option, not a default choice that makes it easier to consolidate polling locations for the sake of convenience.  

Return 9th Division polling place to Highland Avenue Fire House for 2024 elections. 

Joan M Martini

201 W. Evergreen Ave