A friend's 'miracle' recovery from stage 4 breast cancer

Posted 3/11/16

Jennifer’s "Healing Team," gold-hearted people from Arnold's Way Cafe who came to her rescue, were Mark Van der Gaag (right), Deanna Saul Husk (left) and Janelle Dessino (middle). They all …

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A friend's 'miracle' recovery from stage 4 breast cancer

Jennifer’s "Healing Team," gold-hearted people from Arnold's Way Cafe who came to her rescue, were Mark Van der Gaag (right), Deanna Saul Husk (left) and Janelle Dessino (middle). They all traveled with her to Mexico. Jennifer’s "Healing Team," gold-hearted people from Arnold's Way Cafe who came to her rescue, were Mark Van der Gaag (right), Deanna Saul Husk (left) and Janelle Dessino (middle). They all traveled with her to Mexico.[/caption]

by Michelle Schulman

In a newsletter that I write weekly from Arnold's Way, a raw food cafe in Lansdale, I have been sharing information for several months about my friend and former co-worker at Arnold's Way, Jennifer Faulisi, aka "Jen Journey," who is now at a holistic healing center in Baja, Mexico, because of stage 4 breast cancer.

Jen, whose 35th birthday was on March 1, is too young to be so sick. A native of Rochester, NY, Jen was renting a room in Lansdale last year when we worked together, but moved a few times. She literally lived with anyone who would take her in! She was getting sicker and sicker and was unable to work or care for herself. She was staying in Coopersburg for a while with a couple there who cared for her.

Jen entered the holistic healing center (www.gersonplus.com) four weeks ago with a breast that was excruciatingly swollen and on fire with countless tumors that had eaten away the nipple. The tumors were traveling to the other breast and up her neck. The cancer ate its way into her spine and lymph nodes, too. Jen was wracked with pain and ultimately bedbound, unable to walk or care for herself. The cancer was so advanced, we later found it had eaten holes in her bones.

In only four weeks at the center, Jen's recovery is remarkable! Her breast has shrunk two-thirds of the way! Her goiter looks HALF its size! She's animated and smiling, the crippling depression cleared! She is up and walking minimally again with the aid of a walker, and the doctor has assured that her bone WILL regrow! It is truly miraculous! The power of the Gerson vegan diet, powerful hourly juicing and enemas, along with the therapies she has been receiving, are just incredible!

Jen was able to go to this healing center completely 100% from donations from friends and strangers. Believe me, to humble oneself to ask for donations was not easy, but she knew she had to get there. Jen initially generated enough donations to cover three weeks at the center! We were all ecstatic for her, but the donations kept trickling in and blessing her, and she is now entering her 5th week! We, her family of friends, know she needs longer.

Jen is nearly $1500 there already (towards $6,000 for the 6th week) with donations that have been coming in the last two days, from, of all places, the UK! Four thousand miles away a benefit was held in her honor out of the kindness of a Facebook friend from the United Kingdom! It is truly remarkable how strangers and friends near and far are coming together to help this dear soul thrive and heal!

Jen is a kindhearted lover of animals, a talented artist who makes crochet art, beautiful hats and scarves and more, and is a talented photographer. (She also makes a mean raw vegan Italian chocolate meatball cookie! Her grandmother used to bake these family favorites the traditional way, but Jen taught herself to recreate these beloved cookies in a raw vegan version for happy customers at Arnold's Way.)

Sadly, Jen lost her mother and grandmother very recently, both from breast cancer. A devastating blow to her on many levels as they were her biggest emotional support and nearly her only family.

And, after witnessing 13 years of endless chemo and radiation, Jen didn't want to endure what she saw her mother go through. Jen wanted to heal using vegan diet and holistic therapies. At the Baja Center, she has the VERY BEST of holistic cutting edge therapies to help heal! It is truly a remarkable place!

Her physician, Dr. Rogers, recently confided that Jen was "very near death" when she arrived at the clinic. Truth be told, we all held our breath, praying she would make it through the flight to Mexico, but God was with her, and to see her NOW? It is a thing of beauty! Jen is smiling again and animated and her voice melodic and full of expression!

She's connecting more and more with her heart and her empowerment, gaining in independence and confidence in caring for herself with her challenging healing protocol (endless supplements and multiple enemas a day!) To see her face light up again is worth more than anything. We are truly watching a rebirth.

(Here is Jen's latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDTkebMJQTs&feature=youtu.be.  Here is one of her first videos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdwqJsa5o3s

Jen's story and the many challenges she has faced have touched all of our hearts. We asked ourselves, "What if I spent a day in her shoes?" “What if I had almost no family, was terminally ill, could no longer walk or care for myself, had nowhere to live, no one to care for me, with no money at my disposal?”

If you feel moved, as we all have, to pitch in financially to help Jen continue her healing journey at Baja, it would be a HUGE blessing to her!

You may do so at: www.paypal.me/jenjourney or www.gofundme.com/jenjourney

God bless and thank you for taking the time to read this!

Michelle Schulman, in addition to being a raw foods chef, is a local opera singer who will be performing with Opera Delaware in May in their new production of Amletto (Hamlet). She will play the role of Hamlet's mother, Gertrude! She can be reached at LaSoprana@aol.com



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