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“Populuxe”, published in 1986 and written by the Philadelphia Inquirer art critic Thomas Hine is a deep dive into American life as it was being lived  in the mid 1950’s to the mid 1960’s. 

Paul Theroux's "Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads." (2015)

Theroux's observations about travel and literature are well made and worth mentioning, but the book's appeal lies with its people.

"The Lost Pianos of Siberia” is deep, romantic as title implies

One of the pleasures of doing this column comes when readers send book suggestions.

Hiller's new crime novel based on mobster dad’s life

Based on a true story, Chestnut Hill author Alfred O'Neill Jr. has just written “…an intriguing crime story packed with shady characters, double-dealing and violence … Alby and …

World-renowned Hill physician, 89, releases 23rd book

Long-time Chestnut Hill resident Dr. George L. Spaeth is arguably the most renowned ophthalmologist in the world. The Director Emeritus of the Glaucoma Service at Wills Eye Hospital received his …

Curtain Call What's on Stage

Quintessence puts on a rousing revival of 'Little Women'

Just in time for the holidays, Quintessence Theatre reopened with a rousing revival of "Little Women The Broadway Musical" (2004). For over two hours, this high-energy show never lets you rest.