10 pitfalls to avoid when keeping historic homes in great shape

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by Patricia Cove Chestnut Hill is blessed with many individuals who study, research and advocate for the preservation of historic buildings. Shirley Hanson and Nancy Hubby, two preservationists and founding members of the Chestnut Hill Historical Society, now the Chestnut Hill Conservancy, have written a wonderful book called “Preserving and Maintaining the Older Home.” When […]

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By Design: Embracing your historic home

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by Patricia Cove Chestnut Hill has the honor of holding the title of National Historic District, one of only a handful within the city of Philadelphia. The honor is given by the United States Department of the Interior after a thorough inventory of a community’s significance in American history, archeology, engineering, culture and, most notably, […]

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By Design: Choosing a design that speaks about you

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by Patricia Cove I miss Dominique Browning. She was once the editor of the now out-of-print House and Garden magazine and an author of several books chronicling her life as a mother, designer, wife and ex-wife. I so admired her ability to lay bare the often humorous, frequently heartrending issues she faced in everything from […]

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By Design: Finding character in modern homes

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by Patricia Cove We all know how important personal character is. Although its actual definition can change, depending on who you ask, its inherent meaning usually stems from reliability, truthfulness, and authenticity. Traits that give a person credibility, that stem from a trustworthy and admirable nature. Most often, having “character” is directed at individuals. But […]

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By Design: Trends, Part 2 – Are we there yet?

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by Patricia Cove Trends are like thieves in the night. They sneak in, scope out all your lovely belongings and, one by one, piece by piece, abscond with their beauty, their timelessness and their relevance. And it is done with such abandon that those treasures that trends take away are so much better, in so […]

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By Design: Trends, Part One – Where are we now?

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by Patricia Cove When I started my Interior Design business almost 30 years ago, the world of interiors was much different. Cabbage roses were all the rage, and billowing window treatments complemented all forms of fenestration. Shades of lilac and mauve were the go-to wall colors, and if you were lucky enough to own a […]

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