Beer garden will cost neighbors

Would you support a beer garden 60 feet (three car lengths) from your small backyard that will cause the value of your small home to drop potentially by 10 percent? Ron Pete’s takings at the beer garden will be at some serious expense to the near neighbors.

Would you support a beer garden in nonconformance with the restrictions on the property owner’s deed and violates his covenant with the neighbors?

This is business creep, at the expense of the neighbors’ quality of life and financial health – to the tune of a potential 10 percent loss in property value per home.

We are residents of the “blue collar” side of the Avenue with Jenks School, the Water Tower Recreation Center and the Bocce Club nearby. Unlike our typically wealthier neighbors at the other side of the Avenue, nobody here can afford to lose 10 percent of their home’s value because an unethical business owner has chosen to violate the neighbors/property owner covenant and the restrictions on his deed. Maybe agreements with “blue collar neighbors” don’t count here in Chestnut Hill?

You may ask, “How did you arrive at this percentage?” It is a ballpark estimate resulting from consultation with a local appraiser with 30-plus years experience, a realtor in the shore market with experience in how nearby bars affect both property values and a potential buyers’ willingness to even look at a property, and another local realtor. Their combined opinion was that we should expect a reduction in value of 10-20 percent, regardless of market conditions.

You may be tempted to dismiss this because all property values are rising in our area. However, the value of properties with potential nuisance-use neighbors will not rise as rapidly as other properties. Should we decide to sell, we will have less money from that sale with which to relocate than would the sellers of a comparable property not located near such an establishment.

The bigger picture is that the tax base of all our properties will be lower, resulting in lower revenue for the city. The total loss of residential home value with 30 affected properties (17 houses on Ardleigh + 13 houses on Hartwell)  could be over $1 million.

Please come down from your editorial high horse advising peace and harmony, as you did two weeks ago in the Local; report all the facts and help us by seeking justice instead.

Mary and Dan Lau
Chestnut Hill


On the lookout for pets in hot cars

The very recent heat wave has raised a specific and recurring concern for animal well-being. The issue here is animals left alone in parked cars during warm/hot weather.

Multiple studies have brought out how quickly an animal can suffer permanent impairment or succumb to death when their body temperature becomes unsafe. You would be shocked. One study showed that even with all four windows cracked, the inside of a car can reach fatal temperatures.

One county animal shelter reported getting three to six heat-related calls a day for animal cruelty or animals in distress. Putting any animal in a potentially dangerous situation such as this is inexcusable and unconscionable – and preventable.

Bestselling author Lisa Scottoline once remarked that her law-enforcement specialty is dogs-in-hot-cars. She doesn’t hesitate to call 911 when warranted. Neither should you. There may be no time to waste.

Thirty states have already passed laws protecting animals from this dangerous practice. Five states are currently considering new legislation to protect these animals.

Pennsylvania is one. You, the reader, can help the state join the many others by contacting your state representative and senator, asking that they support legislation to protect animals from this danger. I recently contacted my State Representative Chris Rabb and State Senator Art Haywood.

Bridget Irons
Chestnut Hill


  • Daniel

    Your appraisal “analysis” is just silly. Did the appraisers take into account that there are already three bars a few feet away (Chestnut Grill, Paris Bistro, El Poquito)? Did your appraisal take into account that this business is either closed or closed by 8pm most nights? I seriously doubt it did. You are treating a family oriented pizza restaurant that sells homemade beer like its a nuisance bar or a nightclub. Are property values near earth bread and brewery in Mt Airy lower as a result of their proximity? Amenities are good for your property values. A healthy Market at the Farewell is good for your property value. Just stop.

    • Jesse Crandall

      I am in total agreement with those who love the addition of the BEER GARDEN along with the PIZZA shop @ the Farmer’s Market. Those in opposition tried to make a point of property values decreasing along with a loss in property taxes & city revenues. Could NOT be further from the truth ! Next time you decide to complain with “made up alternative facts” and or assumptions about property depreciation, do us all a favor….DON’T !! All you succeed in doing is making a fool of yourselves. For people like the Lau’s , Overcash’s & the rest of the crickets on Ardleigh St & Hartwell Ln…allow progress to proceed. Just like it is in Wyndmoor with the NEW proposed business plans for Willow Grove Ave from Traymore ave down towards the Memorial. As I recall, there is a OVERCASH associated with this project. These improvements to the our neighborhoods are beneficial with a serious upside to business & property values alike. Those who are in disagreement take your “blinders” off & see what the rest of the Chestnut Hill community sees…a neighborhood coming together. The OWNERS of the Chestnut Hill Hotel & its Farmers Market had a vision…they realized it, built upon it & the results are fabulous ! I salute these owners & I support their projects.

  • Keith Fitzgerald

    What Daniel said.

    The desirability level of Germantown Ave is the single biggest driver to increasing your home value. The more people want to come to Chestnut Hill for entertainment and shopping, the more your home value will increase.

    We need MORE amenities like Chestnut Hill Brewing Co coming to the avenue. When it comes time to sell your home, the buyer will look at having the Market at the Faraway and Fresh Market so close as a massive value. You will reap the benefits in your sale price.

    Just stop. Please just stop.

  • Mike

    ‘Blue collar’ side of Germantown Ave. Right. Like others said – please just stop.

  • Polly

    This has just gone over the edge of obnoxiousness. I join the chorus, you really must stop. Why did you purchase a home that backs to a commercial property with restaurants, hotel, businesses, alcohol, parking lot, etc thats been there for well over a hundred years if so offended? What harm has an already active market with outdoor seating and minimal hours of operation done to you since adding a pergola and fencing and a few more very conservative hours to its operation? Are you in bed before eight? In fact, has it not provided you with more privacy, quiet, and better view?! Have you bothered to check out the clientele? Doubtful. You couldnt even find the big, bright orange liquor license application plastered on the front door, accused the owner of hiding it. You have too loosely tossed accusations at decent folks, CH neighbors.
    The odd property values angle and poor suffering you in “blue collar area” of CH are quite the stretch. Accusing the owners, who made a polished jewel of a tired old complex, invigorating your community, of being unethical? Is it unethical to work hard, invest, take pride and profit?
    What is your problem?! Listen to yourselves. I love our community, I applaud the efforts of local business people who are making much needed changes to what had been a lagging Germantown Avenue. I hope all the vendors who do business in the Fareway Market profit well from their beautiful new space. I say thank you to the Petes for providing a friendly, beautiful gathering spot. So yes, just stop.
    Really, folks, take the time, money, fraught and all else and put them to better use. Focus off of people’s fence heights, private lives, personal and business efforts that in truth have no impact upon you. You hurt this community when you do that. Be good neighbors. There are children in need, sick folks, a whole host of real problems to tackle if you need a cause.

  • Friendly Neighbor

    Haha get a life people. The only negative thing affecting the property value on your block is you. The community would be better off without nosy, self-righteous busybodies like you harassing everyone. Go put your righteous ire to good use elsewhere.