by Clark Groome

Felicitations and joy unbounding

As bells of Christmas begin their sounding

To all sports folk, the players and others

Who are to some like sisters and brothers.

For Dave Montgomery: good health and healing

Of the illness with which he’s been dealing.

And to his team, the struggling Phillies,

A season that doesn’t give us willies.

For another year of wins, and good grades,

To the Taney Dragons whose escapades

This year brought the world a very clear view

Of what hard work and sportsmanship can do.

Mo’ne Davis, SI’s kid of the year,

Deserves a new year that’s filled with good cheer.

And to Steve Bandura, Taney’s big boss:s

Continue to find joy and n’er a loss.

In Santa’s sack let’s hope there are goodies

For Philly fans, even those in hoodies.

B’ball fans are especially in need of

Sympathy and not just a little love.

For the Flyers, we order a relief

From the slow start of the team led by “Chief.”

We also wish for the sidelined Kimmo

A safe return to his favorite team. Oh!

Lindros, LeClair, Desjardins are the names

Of the new men in the team’s Hall of Fame.

To them, and the others on those banners,

Keep all of them on those North Pole scanners.

For the Eagles and head coach Chip Kelly

Let’s wish them all some flavorful jelly,

And a long run in the post season too.

So all of the town can cheer “Whoopee doo!”

Good voice is the best prescription for sure

For those who call the games and then endure

The bad times as well as the good days with cheer

And report the truth without any fear.

JJ and T’Mac and Merrill and Tom

Report all the action with great aplomb.

There are others like Scott, Tim, and LA.

And all deserve plum puddings Christmas day.

The press boxes host a legion of pros

Who report all the stories in first-rate prose.

Without all these talented lads and lasses

The fans in town would not know what passes

For unvarnished truth and not just for folly.

To them all: much mistletoe and holly.

Those who tend to press needs throughout the year

Deserve many thanks and abundant good cheer.

The Flyers Gene Prince who looked after us

With a smile for all and never a fuss

Has left his post after 32 seasons

Retiring and moving south his reasons.

To Gene some special holiday wishes

And all his favorite Yuletide dishes.

Jimmy Rollins, after years will depart

The Phillies team, of which he was the heart.

Let’s wish him good fortune, maybe a ring

And when he returns his praises to sing.

A few good years in the Dodgers’ LA

Might take him to Cooperstown one day.

And speaking of that town’s Hall of Fame

Dick Allen’s snubbing is really a shame.

Our local college and high school teams too

Deserve festive times, yes indeed they do.

As this holiday verse comes to an end

May the season be marked by a fine trend

And joy be yours and for all you hold dear

And much peace and good will in the new year.