Chestnut Hill is going to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year. And we’re looking for volunteers to help us man our exhibit booth and share their enthusiasm, energy and passion for Chestnut Hill.

This year’s show opens to the public on Saturday, March 2, and continues through Sunday, March 10. Volunteers are needed to fill daytime and evening shifts during the week and on both weekends.

Volunteers will be asked to promote the Chestnut Hill brand by using their knowledge and enthusiasm to talk to visitors as well as to collect email information and other data to be used in a fabulous daily prize drawing featuring a “24 Hours in Chestnut Hill” gift basket.

Volunteers will be asked to work a 4-hour shift and attend an orientation session prior to the show. As a thank you for helping out, all volunteers will receive unlimited access to the Flower Show on the days they work, and they will also get a colorful gardening apron that will be worn as the volunteer uniform at the Chestnut Hill booth.

Anyone interested in volunteering can call the Chestnut Hill Business Association office at 215-247-6696 or email

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