Just when it looked like Philadelphia was going to get buried in the icy throes of Winter Storm Juno, the area managed to escape the blizzard with a few inches of snow. However, by that point, Hillers were already huddled in their homes waiting for the impending ice age the meteorologists promised us. The day before a National Weather Advisory warned everyone to stay off the roads and seek refuge indoors. Flights were canceled and governments, businesses and schools closed. We were told to stock up on the essentials of milk, bread and eggs and prepare for the isolation ahead. We got our supplies and went inside and locked the doors and waited. And then we waited, and waited some more. And then the blizzard, this apocalyptic monster of a storm, turned out to be no more than the fog on the camera lens pointing at the reporter spewing hot air. Nevertheless, on Jan. 27, life was canceled. Up and down Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill there was hardly a person to see or a business to visit. One could have taken a nap in the middle of the avenue with little repercussion. But, a short walk away from the avenue at the Water Tower Recreation Center, droves of children, all celebrating their snow day, sledded and laughed without a care that the blizzard didn’t turn their world into an ice cube. There was snow, and in the winter, for children, that’s all that matters. So the next time we’re told to prepare for such a storm, maybe instead of grabbing survival kits, we should grab a sled. — Kevin Dicciani