A self portrait taken while out capturing snow scenes on Tuesday morning.

Photos by Pete Mazzaccaro Chestnut Hill was back to normal this morning. Most of the roads were passable, if not entirely plowed. Businesses were open and people were out and about on the Avenue. A few kids were even heading down Ardleigh Street to the Water Tower Recreation Center, sleds in hands. Walking around Chestnut Hill, sidewalks were in good condition. Side roads were slushy and slippery, but a few forecasted days with temperatures reaching 40 degrees by Thursday should mean melting snow this week. Below are a few photos taken around the neighborhood. We’d love to run your snow photos. Send them to me at pete@chestnuthilllocal.com. You can click on any photo to  see a larger slideshow, including full-screen views. The slideshow is hosted by Picasa.