Finally, after months, restaurant dining

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by Len Lear One year ago having dinner outdoors with my wife and sister-in-law at a gastropub would hardly have been something worth writing about. Having some spicy shrimp, fried onion rings, cold beer; ho-hum. You call that news? But it felt like a very big deal when we ate at an actual restaurant on […]

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Enza in Wyndmoor: “This is a marathon, not a sprint”

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by Len Lear As the Inquirer’s restaurant columnist Michael Klein recently wrote, “Springfield Township, Montgomery County, is not exactly a hotbed of restaurant activity.” That is precisely why a group of developers and restaurant professionals with a history of success in Philly decided to open Enza in October of last year as part of a […]

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Vince Viola does things ‘my Wei’ – Chef adds Italian soul to Asian cuisine at #1 Yangming

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by Len Lear Yangming in Bryn Mawr received a blizzard of publicity three years ago when Chinese Restaurant News, a national trade publication for Chinese restaurants, named Yangming the number one Chinese restaurant in the U.S. (The magazine estimates that there are about 50,000 Chinese restaurants in the country.) What was overlooked in the resulting […]

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One reviewer’s opinion: 10 best restaurants of 2013

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by Len Lear The questions asked most frequently of restaurant writers are: “What is your favorite restaurant?” “Where do you get the most for your money?” and “What new restaurants have you gone to that are really good?” The answers to these questions and more will be contained in the following paragraphs, which encompass our […]

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