Ginkgo seeds: Yuck or yum?

Opinion | November 11th, 2019 | Leave a comment

by Ned Barnard and Pauline Gray The following is the second in a new series of columns by Ned Barnard and his wife Pauline Gray. Barnard is the co-author of several books on trees, including “Central Park Trees and Landscapes” and “Philadelphia Trees: A Field Guide to the City and the Surrounding Delaware Valley,” which […]

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Commentary: Trump and Sanders both wrong on drug re-importation

Opinion | November 1st, 2019 | Leave a comment

by Phil Kerpen Is government-facilitated reimportation of prescription medicines from Canada, a policy now supported by politicians as diverse as President Donald Trump and Senator Bernard Sanders, an issue of free trade or a backdoor method of imposing price controls? That’s the way the question is usually framed in policy debates, but the great Nobel […]

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Are Hill trees ‘texting?’

Opinion | October 18th, 2019 | Leave a comment

by Ned Barnard Every day, my wife and I walk to the coffee shop for our cappuccinos. On the way, I’m always looking at trees and things they drop on sidewalks and streets. This year, something is going on with our oaks – at least with red oaks and black oaks. They’re dropping many more […]

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Cheese Shop closing is a loss for Chestnut Hill

Opinion | October 17th, 2019 | Leave a comment

Last week, we learned – suddenly – that the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop would be closing its doors for good. The news was a shock to many people in Chestnut Hill and beyond who’ve come to expect the Cheese Shop to be a constant. After 56 years in Chestnut Hill, it’s as much an institution […]

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