Letters, June 14: No cultural poverty in Chestnut Hill

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In response to Diamantino Machado’s letter last week on “cultural poverty in Chestnut Hill” in which he cites, among others, the lack of theater “for presentation of … good American and foreign plays,” I would like to mention that for the last 90 years Chestnut Hill has been home to The Stagecrafters, one of the […]

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Letters, June 7. Privileged parkers and cultural poverty?

Letters | June 6th, 2018 | 5 Comments

Arrogant and entitled while parking Perhaps it’s the Trump era we live in, though I think the sense of entitlement so many people have preceded his election. It manifests itself in many ways; one is parking. You’ve seen it yourself: People who park (or stand) wherever they want because it is convenient for them, even […]

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Letters, May 17: A timely talk on Syria

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A timely talk on Syrian conflict Given this week’s expansion of the Syrian war, with Israeli and Iranian militaries launching bombs and rockets at each other in Syria, next week’s lecture in Chestnut Hill by international journalist Trudy Rubin has taken on new significance. This week, the first military conflict in Syria between Iran and […]

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Letters, May 3: Reactions to Germantown re-imagined and Wheel Pump Inn memories

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Last week’s opinion by John O’Connell, “Re-imagining Germantown” attracted a lot of response from readers. The following comments were left on our website, chestnutillloval.com Germantown is no ‘hellscape’ Do you even spend time in Germantown? You’ve described Germantown in such terrible ways while completely ignoring all the progress by so many dedicated and vocal community […]

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