Discovering Chestnut Hill: Foxlea’s 20 years of transformation by Emilie and Peter Lapham

Discovering Chestnut Hill | January 23rd, 2020 | Leave a comment

By Shirley Hanson You may know the property in Springfield Township as “The English Village.”  It is a 4-1/2 acre portion of what was a 31-acre estate called “Lane’s End.”  “Lane’s End” was developed in the mid-1920’s by Samuel and Allethaire Rotan with Robert McGoodwin as the architect. In 1945, Louise Elkins Sinkler and her […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: The ongoing projects of the Chestnut Hill Conservancy archives

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by Alex Bartlett The year 2019 has been a particular busy one for the Chestnut Hill Conservancy archives. To date, the archives have received almost 500 items this year. These include but are not limited to board meeting minutes associated with local organizations, photographs of local businesses, and historical images of stations and rights of […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: The little parts of conservation that make up the big picture

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by Kevin Hughes Chestnut Hill is a unique and beautiful place. Known for its open spaces, mature trees, exceptional architecture, and access to the Wissahickon Park, it’s no wonder why the community was recognized by Forbes in 2007 as one of America’s Top 7 Urban Enclaves. To many people who call Chestnut Hill their home, […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: From lawn to meadow – creating your own ecosystem

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by Kevin Hughes Look around Chestnut Hill and you will undoubtedly notice a common theme: beautiful, architecturally-significant buildings framed by stately, manicured lawns. In fact, it’s kind of Chestnut Hill’s “thing.” But, walk around one of these lawns in the spring and summer and you may notice that aside from an aesthetically-pleasing view, lawns do […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: Illuminating history on Germantown Avenue on ‘Night of Lights’

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by Leah Silverstein On Friday, Oct. 4, the Chestnut Hill Conservancy is presenting the third annual Night of Lights. Designed to immerse visitors in the ongoing story of Chestnut Hill, this innovative public art exhibit will transform Germantown Avenue into an interactive exhibit of local history and architecture. Using the commercial corridor as a canvas […]

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