The challenges of preserving an architectural and historical home

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By Patricia Cove Georgian, Federal, Tudor, Queen Ann — the numerous architecturally designed buildings throughout Philadelphia, and especially Chestnut Hill, provide us all with masterpieces seldom found in such abundance or proximity. And because we are surrounded by them, it is easy to stop seeing their materials, design and magnificent stature and rarely consider how […]

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Capturing the best views your home has to offer

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by Patricia Cove A room is composed of many things: floors made of wood, ceilings of plaster, walls of raised panels. Most people experience a space by visually absorbing what may be hung on those walls, the styles of the furnishings resting on those floors, or the lighting fixtures hung from the ceiling. There are […]

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By Design: How to achieve ‘The New Modern’

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by Patricia Cove Modern. Traditional. Contemporary. Transitional. These are some of the words used to describe interior design over the past decades. We have seen a pendulum swing from historically accurate interiors to sleek, minimal spaces, and there are legions of style supporters on both ends. When one style is popular, the other falls out […]

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By Design: Kitchen design through the ages

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by Patricia Cove It used to be that kitchens were near the bottom of the list when it came to the most important rooms in the home. They were so insignificant, in fact, that they were relegated to the basement, if they were inside the home at all. Stoves and ovens were large blocks of […]

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