Local best-selling author also a ‘ghost’ for others

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by Len Lear I have interviewed well over 100 authors during my 25 years at the Local, many self-published but others whose sweat-stained work was accepted by traditional book publishers, a feat today virtually akin to be picked to play center field for the Phillies. Never before now, however, did I meet a successful author […]

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Overcame abuse, abandonment as a child: Former Hiller’s ‘magical book’ spreads the Love to kids

Arts, Books | April 18th, 2019 | Leave a comment

by Brenda Lange In spite of a challenging childhood, Susan Love, teacher, author and activist, tapped into her inner happy child to create a magical book for kids that reminds them they are special and can achieve whatever they set their minds to. In 2014, Love published “Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure” on Kindle. The […]

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