What you need to know before purchasing a massage gun?

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Are you considering purchasing a massage gun, but are having difficulties choosing the best one fit for your needs? Or perhaps you’ve heard about the new hype and are curious to understand whether it really works?

Massage guns/hammers – as you may have guessed it, are specifically designed tools that offer the user a form of massage. They work on the basis of percussive or vibration therapy, which in common layman terminology means manipulation of soft tissue or muscles via a hammering or vibrating motion.

1. Why do you need the massage gun?

Now, when you decide to purchase a massage gun for your own personal use, it’s important to first identify the main purpose of this purchase. Massage guns are quite unique in that they can be used for a variety of health-improving purposes:

Pain Management

Athletic Massage

Relaxation and Stress Management

2. What price are you willing to pay?

With all the amazing benefits that massage guns have to offer, they do have one downside: they can be quite pricey. The most popular brands like Theragun and TimTam range from $200 – $500, which are understandably not in everyone’s budget.

3. Is portability an important factor for you?

Depending on your purpose for purchasing a massage gun, you may also want to consider how portability can be an influencing factor in your buying process. If you are someone who requires the massage gun for relaxation and stress management, all while traveling between multiple countries for meetings, having a miniature portable massage gun can really help de-stress at the end of the chaotic day or week. Theragun offers miniature versions of their products, which surprisingly work much better than you would expect from something almost half the size of the original product. And on the plus side, it costs about $100 less!!

4. Will you be combining it with classical massages/physiotherapy or use it on its own?

There are multiple studies claiming that massage guns that offer deep tissue stimulation can be as effective as classical massage therapy by professional masseurs. This notion can in fact mean that sophisticated models of massage guns could very well replace 90-minute treatments at professional massage salons. However, this is a very personal choice, as the ambiance of receiving a professional treatment at a massage salon can contribute a lot to the psychological reduction of stress and release of happy endorphins.

5. Which areas of your body do you want to massage?

Another equally important factor to consider is which areas of your body you want to target with the massage gun. Most massage guns have a very stereotypical shape – a handle to grip and an outward-facing protruding part that stimulates and vibrates the target area.

6. Which model should you choose – Simple or High-Tech?

The simplicity or rather complexity of the massage gun can really make your self-massage experience as good as any professional treatment you can get by a masseur. The logic here is actually quite simple, the more speed and vibration options you have, the more personalized you can make the settings of the massage gun.


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