Mt. Airy 7-year-old baking goods to save playground

by Debra Malinics
Posted 6/24/21

Nae Nae’s Bake-o-Rama, a homemade eco-friendly bakery and delivery business was born. And 7-year-old Naomi Bloom has literally become an entrepreneur!

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Mt. Airy 7-year-old baking goods to save playground


Naomi (“Nae Nae”) Bloom is a student at the Henry H. Houston School, 7300 Rural Lane in West Mount Airy. Naomi says she likes snowy owls, the color orange, mac 'n’cheese and loves to fill her tummy with good things to eat. She is 7 years old.

The Houston School that Naomi attends has a wooden playground, the kind of playground every kid would like to have, with wood and other natural materials for the equipment that experts feel is better for children, adults and the environment. Houston and Jenks are two schools in this area that both have natural wooden playgrounds, and while playgrounds made with all natural elements are good for kids, adults and the environment, the downside is a short lifespan of only15-20 years, as well as the high cost of repairs, replacements and maintenance.

Houston school officials have been told that their prized playground has unfortunately begun to deteriorate, with some equipment now unusable. School officials have also been informed that the estimated cost for repairs is $50,000. When this news spread, a committee of concerned parents was formed to help raise funds to save the playground. Alison Cohen and Nurit Bloom, Naomi’s parents, like many parents, strongly believe that the Houston playground must be saved.

According to Cohen, “This particular playground attracts children from all catchment areas and income levels and across race and income lines. These playgrounds reflect diversity and provide laughter and memories for all the children who play in them. Some schools don’t have playgrounds at all, and many others have playgrounds that are run down and in need of repair. The playground at Houston is special; it deserves our support!”

As news of its deterioration spread, families came together to help save the playground with a fundraising campaign. Cohen and Bloom were actively involved in this effort from the beginning. As the fundraising effort swung into gear, Naomi thought about what she could do to contribute, and she had an idea.

“I love to bake,” she told us, “and I thought that if I made and sold baked goods, I could donate part of the proceeds to help restore the playground.”

As a result, Nae Nae’s Bake-o-Rama, a homemade eco-friendly bakery and delivery business was born. And 7-year-old Naomi has literally become an entrepreneur!

Naomi developed the name and logo, and her parents helped put up a website for ordering the baked goods, and Naomi's 6-year-old twin sisters, Daphne and Aviva, help with deliveries on bikes or roller blades. Cheesy, a stuffed bunny mascot, goes along for the ride, so deliveries are a bright spot in the  day of onlookers.

Customers can order their choice of baked goods and get them delivered right to their door. Nae Nae does emphasize, however, “All products are baked by me, but I am not a professional baker and cannot guarantee that all items will be nut-free.”

New menus are posted each week on the website, If orders are placed by Thursday, 6 p.m., they will be delivered by that coming Sunday.

Customers, who must live in the 19119 zip code, receive a text or email by Saturday with the expected delivery time window. Half of all income received by Nae Nae’s Bake-o-Rama goes to the Houston Elementary School Playground Fund.

Since the baking production is obviously limited to a small batch each week, Naomi's parents are asking donors to match and augment sales. Families for Houston, a 501(c)(3) organization, is accepting donations to help repair and restore the playground. Donations can be sent to “Families for Houston” at 236 E Roumfort Rd., Phila. PA 19119.

Debra Malinics is a long-time Chestnut Hill resident and founder of Debra Malinics Advertising, a local award-winning advertising agency