Letters: August 17

Posted 8/17/16

Olympics more than just another sporting event

The Olympics is just one more sporting event? [Editorial, August 11] You're entitled to your opinion. Oddly enough the very things you objected to …

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Letters: August 17


Olympics more than just another sporting event

The Olympics is just one more sporting event? [Editorial, August 11] You're entitled to your opinion. Oddly enough the very things you objected to are what appeal to me. I, too, never heard of Katie Ledecky,  age 19, until this past week. She, Simone Biles and others from other countries have chosen long days of quiet hard work instead of endless hours of trivial postings on their electronic devices of choice. Perhaps Gabby Douglas just wanted some privacy after 2012.

Michael Phelps, the one athlete out of the 554 US competitors that you do know, has his own publicity machine (which may account for your familiarity with him) fueled in part by some less-than-sterling behavior, though credit must be given for his accomplishments.

For the rest, to be that young, emerge and win on a world competitive stage is a compelling story, one far more interesting than watching MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL teams with overpaid players who turn in mediocre performances year after year.  the US women's gymnastic team performance was astonishing in terms of athletic difficulty and precision. Beats watching dropped passes, missed shots, strikeouts and 20-game losing streaks.

The Olympics also give other countries a chance to compete, to have a local hero or heroine. Kudos to the swimmer from Kazakhstan who medaled for the first time in the event for his country.

Why should we care about the Olympics? Why should we care about the NBA, NHL, etcetera? In sports, either you're a fan or you're not, it's not about caring. We reach title to her choice. Let's save the real caring for loved ones,  the poor, hungry and the disadvantaged. Make the world a better place.

Rod Bartchy

Chestnut Hill


Don’t forget the Zankmans

Thank you for the article on Frank Garber and the inevitable closing of the long-standing Chestnut Hill Camera Shop.

We old-timers remember with fondness his uncle and aunt, Jack and Henrietta Zankman, whose customer service and knowledge of photography and cameras made their shop a popular destination for photographers of all skill levels.  The Zankmans chose well in leaving their business to Frank, who has carried on their legacy.

I still have and use the two digital point-and-shooters I bought from Frank when film was clearly on its way out, and my 10 pounds of camera equipment became burdensome. The cameras may not be able to get a close-up of a bird sitting on top of a distant tree, but I am more than happy with the results – and with not having to carry all those lenses around.

In addition to the two cameras, I, of course, have a cell phone and the ability to photo-shop and print at home, so I haven’t seen Frank for a while.  I wish him well in finding the best use of his many talents.

Emmy Starr

Cathedral Village


Urging GOP neighbors to vote Dem.

I am writing this letter primarily to the Republicans and Independents of the Ninth Ward (Chestnut Hill and a little bit of Mount Airy).  Normally I write to Democratic voters to motivate them to get out and vote in the election. But in this unusual election cycle I think it is important that we talk.

The issue, of course, is Donald Trump.  He is a candidate unlike any other that we have seen and, frankly, someone who deeply concerns me and I suspect also concerns many of you.  In brief, he is not fit to be President.  I say this after a few months of appalling behavior that reveals much about his character.

It is not a question of slips of the tongue or being politically correct. Rather his behavior reveals much about him. These statements show he is not fit and should not be President / Commander in Chief.  From the sexist insults of Megan Kelly and many other women, to ridiculing a disabled New York Times reporter, to calling out the Mexican American federal judge as unfit to judge him, to attacking the gold star parents of Captain Kahn, he has revealed his character.

And let us not forget his veiled threats of violence and his equating losing a child to the "sacrifices" he claims to have made making his millions.  Compare him to democrats like FDR or JFK or republicans like Eisenhower or Lincoln and you see that he should not be the leader of the free world. Add to that the dishonest business practices, like not paying contractors, strategic bankruptcies and outright frauds like Trump "University" and his lack of knowledge (Russia has not invaded the Ukraine and his claim that he knows more than the generals) and outright lying and you realize that he is not capable of leading our great country.

Of course, you have heard the excuses that these are merely jokes, but the fact is that words matter, especially if you want to be president. For example you can't suggest you won't honor NATO commitments to defend member nations when Putin has expressed hostility to the now independent Baltic states.

I know we can do better as a country.  And I believe that you agree with me. So what should you do?  Join fellow republicans like Meg Whitman, Michael Blumberg, former state Supreme Court Justice Ron Castille and Susan Collins of Maine and many more. Either vote for Hillary or if, you can't, just don't vote for Donald. You owe it to your country.

Richard Weishaupt

Democratic Party Committeeperson

9th Ward, 11 Division.