Chestnut Hill is fortunate to be nestled along  the 1,800 acres of Wissahickon Valley Park, part of Philadelphia’s 9,200 acre Fairmount Park.  A lovely, wooded valley with the Wissahickon Creek running through its entire seven-mile length, the park provides residents and visitors with delightful access to walking, jogging, biking, horseback riding,  picnicking and fishing, in season.

One of the special attractions of the park is the Thomas Mill Road Covered Bridge which is the only remaining covered bridge in the Wissahickon.    Not too far from the bridge is the path leading to the Indian Statue of a kneeling Lenape warrior which was sculpted in 1902 by John Massey Rhind.  The 15’ high sculpture, which is mistakenly believed to depict Chief Tedyuscung, the most famous member of the Lenape tribe, was actually designed to commemorate the passing of the native Lenape from the region.  One of the most popular destinations in the park is the Valley Green Inn, built in 1850.  The Inn is the last remaining example of the many roadhouses and taverns that served and watered the carriage trade along the Wissahickon in the 19th Century.  Much to the delight of its customers, the Inn is still serving delicious meals today.

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The Pastorius Park is a 16 acre park, modeled after English walking parks, located in the heart of Chestnut Hill’s residential area.  The park, established in 1915, was named in honor of Francis Pastorius, a leader of early German immigrants to the area.  On the grounds are a beautiful pond and an ampitheater which hosts the park’s annual summer concert series.

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