What is the CHCA?

Not every neighborhood in Philadelphia has a newspaper that covers its local news as well as the Chestnut Hill Community Association’s Chestnut Hill Local; then again, we believe that’s just one of many reasons Chestnut Hill is the best place in the city to visit and live. The Chestnut Hill Community Association is a neighborhood alliance of residents, business, institutions…it’s a long list, let’s just say we represent anyone who loves living in, working in, or just spending time in our special community.

Now that you know, help us grow.

You know more about Chestnut Hill thanks to the Local, and now, you know a little more about us. We’d like to get to know you better as well. Please consider volunteering, donating, joining…whatever matches your passion for Chestnut Hill. The more you can give here, the better it is here.

Join today and not only will you get The Local delivered to your door, you’ll get discounts at local restaurants and shops and special discounts at community events.

Membership benefits include:
  • 52 issues of the award-winning Chestnut Hill Local delivered to your home
  • 10% discount at participating retail shops, restaurants, and service providers: CHCA Discount List 10-10-12
  • the opportunity to make your community an even better place to live
  • the immeasurable feeling of belonging to such a vibrant community
  • the right to vote and run for office in CHCA elections (household members age 14 and over)

$20 of every membership goes directly to The Local.

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