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Keep your poinsettia all year

Poinsettias don't have to die after the holidays. There's a way to bring them back in time for next fall. (Adapted from the Inside the Design Shop blog at Robertson's Flowers)

The early bird gets the tree

This year, there’s a run on almost everything, including Christmas trees. That was what brought Chestnut Hill resident Gail Cataldi to Laurel Hill Gardens on the first Monday following …

Forget the rake! Those falling leaves are friends

The gardening experts of the Chestnut Hill Garden District Fund have a less exhausting leaf management routine to suggest, and if you do it our way, you’ll get mulch for your garden, better soil for your plants, habitat for wildlife, food for birds and you’ll put less of a burden on the city’s resources.

“Populuxe”, published in 1986 and written by the Philadelphia Inquirer art critic Thomas Hine is a deep dive into American life as it was being lived  in the mid 1950’s to the mid 1960’s. 

The Pantone color for 2022 is called “Very Peri”. Now, if you are not up on your color tones and variations, you may not know that “Peri” stands for Periwinkle, which in its purest form is a kind of a light violet blue.  But Pantone did something a little different this year.
Don’t be afraid to be creative with your decorations. Individual collections, hobbies and interests can become the impetus for distinctive and personal holiday décor.
My wife, Valerie, is particularly fond of the flowers that bloom on our front porch for a month starting in mid-April. The orchid cacti (two specimens are in bloom in the picture) have survived another winter on our climate-controlled, enclosed front porch.
Real Estate

Vanna Venturi house could soon share its lot with a second building

The 800 sq. ft. dwelling would be 36 feet from the original structure. The Philadelphia City Planning Commission recommended that the request to build the new unit be approved, provided that the idea of rotating it 90 degrees “is explored.”

Local Realtors offer advice for NW Philly’s tight housing market

Prospective buyers looking to relocate to Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill are especially challenged, say local realtors. 

Highlands Mansion celebrates a return to the public

Highlands Historical Society is celebrating its success in buying back the Highlands Mansion and Gardens in Whitemarsh Township from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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