8517 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

The Bone Appetite is a charming pet store in Chestnut Hill's even more charming downtown stretch along Germantown Avenue. This place is more than just any old pet store -- it's a pet paradise!

I came here with my twin sons Bradley and Bryan (B'n'B) in a recent afternoon. I recently divorced with Cynthia, their mother and my wife of 14 years. They live with her in Glenside whereas I live in Manayunk.

Most of the reasons for the divorce lay with me. I worked as an actuary for several years, largely focusing on risk valuation models for parking garage companies before moving on to loss segregation modules for DEB Stores, one of the most innovating and exciting franchises in the woman's retail industry. I threw myself into my career and grew distant to B'n"B as a result.