Discovering Chestnut Hill holidays

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by Alex Bartlett With the arrival of winter and the holiday season, there are many holiday events in Chestnut Hill and the Philadelphia region. One such event received coverage in the Dec. 6, 1956 issue of the Chestnut Hill Herald, with the original photograph and caption reproduced here. The original caption associated with the Herald […]

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The popsicle stick crèche

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by Taddy Dawson A long time ago for some and what seems like just yesterday for others, a young couple moved to the Chestnut Hill area. He was an architect and she, driven by unbounded creativity and faith, opened a needlepoint shop on the Avenue. They had two children and, as a family, became deeply […]

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30 years of wildlife rehab ruined by SCEE actions

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by Brenda Malinics The closing of the Schuylkill Wildlife Rehab Center, Philadelphia’s only “full service” rehab center in the tri-county area, makes many hearts heavy. As someone who has been a volunteer at the center for the past 30 years, I would like to share my personal observations/experiences of what has occurred between the Wildlife […]

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