Why are we trashing the Wissahickon?

Opinion | August 6th, 2020 | Leave a comment

This week’s front-page story by Kate Dolan will likely not come as a surprise to most readers. As is the Local’s nearly annual tradition, we’re again reporting on young people diving and swimming at Devil’s Pool and in the Wissahickon Creek. Every year we report on how the activity is both illegal and dangerous and […]

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The waiting is the hardest part

Opinion | July 30th, 2020 | Leave a comment

As I think back on how the coronavirus pandemic played out in the months since March, I can’t help but be struck by the prevailing changes in outlook from one week to the next. The only thing that has been certain has been uncertainty. In the early weeks of the pandemic, as the Local closed […]

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Changing the rules to combat racism

Opinion | July 16th, 2020 | Leave a comment

By State Senator Art Haywood Nationwide, Americans continue to staunchly protest systemic racism. The country has not seen action like this since the Civil Rights and Black Power movements of the 1960s. Sixty years later, the demands for action by the people remain loud and clear. Much like the rules of a game, rules put […]

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To school or not to school?

Opinion | July 15th, 2020 | Leave a comment

Let me begin by saying I don’t know the answer to this question. I’m not sure anyone really knows the answer to this question. And as this pandemic looks certain to persist through the rest of the year in the United States, it’s hard to know if anyone in this country has the answer. The […]

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Forget Columbus. Filippo ‘Philip’ Mazzei is the historical figure Italian Americans deserve

Opinion | July 9th, 2020 | Leave a comment

by Pete Mazzaccaro As statues of Christopher Columbus have been toppled around the country, an angry and violent crowd assembled in Philadelphia’s Marconi Plaza to defend the statue of the 15th century explorer. Hundreds of South Philadelphia residents, most Italian Americans, said they were protecting history – an icon of Italian American Heritage. They can […]

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It should be as easy as wearing a mask, right?

Opinion | July 8th, 2020 | Leave a comment

By the time you read this column, more than 130,000 Americans will have died due to COVID-19. In late May and early June, it looked like we had left the pandemic’s worst days behind us. But the past two weeks have seen new cases and hospitalizations skyrocket as Florida, Texas, California and other states across […]

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Sports return to serve up some much-needed distraction

Opinion | July 2nd, 2020 | Leave a comment

In normal, non-pandemic times, I am ravenous listener of podcasts. I’m a dedicated fan of some of the most tried and true of the format: Terry Gross’ “Fresh Air,” Marc Maron’s “WTF” and “This American Life.” I like political podcasts like the Slate’s “Political Gabfest,” Five Thirty Eight’s politics podcast and “The Ezra Klein Show.” […]

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