Gay native of China is not swimming upstream in Philly

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by Len Lear Is there much anti-gay bigotry in China? “It’s kinda similar to here,” answered Arthur Zeng in an interview last week. “In rural areas or small towns, it’s still a social taboo. There’s less religious reasons, more because people still hold reproduction as one of the most important values in life, so gay […]

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Ex-supermodel and actress and celebrities she has known

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by Len Lear PART TWO Carole Mallory, 76, who lives in the Norristown area and gives inspirational talks at area retirement homes, is a native of Springfield, Delaware County, who earned degrees from Penn State and Temple Universities. She became a teacher and then an airline stewardess after getting a master’s degree in art, but […]

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‘Overlooked’ local teen promotes science-themed jewelry

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by Elizabeth Coady She’s only 19, but engineering student Raquel Dunoff is already an entrepreneur selling science-themed jewelry to promote women working in science and technology. In June, the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School graduate launched “Trendsetter Gear,” an online boutique whose tagline is “Empowering women in STEM through fashion.” STEM is the acronym for “Science, […]

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Talented Mt. Airy multi-tasker combines music and yoga

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by Len Lear PART TWO West Mt. Airy resident Rachel Cama Nemer, 37, who will be offering a free cello introductory workshop on Thursday, Aug. 23, at St. Paul’s Church for the Chestnut Hill Music Academy, has been a journalist, singer, voice teacher, cellist and yoga instructor, all at the professional level. A scholarship music […]

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