Letters, Jan. 11: saddened by Evergreen Place building demo

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Saddened by building demolition Re: Evergreen Court Building … My late husband, Grover Washington  Jr. and I purchased the property at 8610 Evergreen Place. in 1982 to house the business of G.W. Jr. Music Inc. our publishing company and for all other business related to my husband’s profession as musician, producer, arranger, composer and recording […]

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Letters, Dec. 14: Plexiglass bill is misguided

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Plexiglass bill misguided My thanks to Jay A. McCalla for stating so eloquently the blatant and unfortunate bias in Councilwoman Cindy Bass’ support of the proposed “no-plexiglass” bill now pending in City Council. The notion that the hypothetical potential for “offending” some patrons at the expense of the legitimate safety of others is, at best, […]

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Letters, Nov. 30: PA gun law support and a call to end deer cull

Letters | November 29th, 2017 | 5 Comments

PA gun control law deserves support As the nation has suffered several horrific mass shootings this year, we have all been looking for ways to prevent future tragedies. With action at the federal level unlikely, state legislation offers a more viable path to decreasing gun violence. Senate Bill 501, introduced by State Sen. Thomas Killion […]

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Letters, Nov. 23

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Thanks for turnout I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my neighbors in Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy, and Wyndmoor for their high voter participation in the election on November 7. One of the concerns of statewide  candidates who run in this cycle is that turnout is low especially in Philadelphia, but that was not […]

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Letters, Nov. 9: Climate change a challenge to education

Letters | November 8th, 2017 | 7 Comments

Climate change calls for more education As a concerned citizen, it is frustrating that the debate surrounding climate change continues to rage, even though the overwhelming majority of scientists agree that the human-caused release of greenhouse gasses is causing changes to our climate. The data is in, the results have been calculated, and we need […]

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Letters, Nov. 2: Potter Protesters misinformed

Letters | November 1st, 2017 | 10 Comments

Potter protesters are misinformed I was terribly saddened, shocked, and appalled that a small group gathered to hurl insults and hateful speech during Friday night of the Harry Potter Festival. Because the hateful group framed their abuse in language from the extreme end of the Christian religion, I felt compelled to respond. I feel it […]

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