Letters, May 16: Ramadan and Kreidie

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Ramadan open house The past few months have been horrific for religious believers. First, a mosque was attacked in New Zealand, then churches in Sri Lanka were bombed, then last week, a shooting struck a synagogue in California. If you look at the root cause of the attacks, it is because of intolerance and a […]

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Letters, May 9: Arborists and deer culling

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Don’t trust your arborist When I was a kid, I recall having what I felt was “more than my fair share” of dental work. I vividly recall, at around 24, asking my dentist “why do I need so many fillings, caps and crowns?” His honest answer somewhat surprised me. He plainly stated, “Because the last […]

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Letters, April 18: Mysticism center coverage

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Thanks for mysticism center coverage Thank you for the excellent past coverage of events at Center for Contemporary Mysticism at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, and we continue to look toward getting the word out on our many free programs and events open to the community. We are grateful for the community businesses and members who […]

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Letters, April 4: Recycling, Trump and photo caption

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Thank you to the community Another reason to be proud of our Northwest Philadelphia community is the enthusiasm with which residents flocked to our Electronics Recycling event on March 23. People waited in line patiently. When I apologized to some, they smiled and said the crowd was a good sign that people were recycling electronics […]

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Letters, March 21: Article responses

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Grateful for coverage I’m very grateful for Peter Elliott’s wonderfully well-written story about my labor of love, irishphiladelphia.com [“Chestnut Hiller’s hobby became online regional resource for Irish culture,” March 14]. I would be remiss were I not also to mention the contributions of my friend Lori Lander Murphy, a gifted writer, but also a talented […]

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Letters, March 14: Tax abatements and Annual Appeal

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Tax abatements don’t deserve blame for school woes An opinion piece in the February 28 Chestnut Hill Local, “Tax abatements may help build houses, but don’t help build community,” accuses the City’s 10-year tax abatement program of being guilty of leaving behind the children and the staff of the public schools that they attend while […]

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