Letters, Aug. 29: CH United story

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CH United story ‘devoid of facts’ I just read the article by Sue Ann Rybak summarizing a recent visit by CH United Church members to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona [“CH United Church finds ‘shocking’ conditions on mission to the border,’ Aug. 22]. The article contained many assumptions devoid of facts. United States immigration authorities […]

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Letters, Aug. 21: Karma

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Karma I applaud the letter in last week’s Local from Ms. Livingston [Letters, Aug 15] Unfortunately and sadly, it’s become common to shame and insult others who differ in opinion. A steady diet of hate, fear and resentment will surely eat away at one’s brain and soul. We’re all here to learn, grow and love. […]

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Letters, Aug. 15: Divisive politics

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Keep divisive politics out of Chestnut Hill While it was nice to hear that many of our neighbors stepped up to defend Night Kitchen owner Amy Edelman over the offense of baking cookies iced with the name of then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, it’s sad that the defense consisted of attesting to […]

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Letters, Aug. 8: Night Kitchen

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Night Kitchen boycott calls uncalled for Someone didn’t like the way a cookie was decorated and therefore a bakery should be put out of business? The problem is not that the target was wrong (Amy Edelman is not a Trump supporter) but that there is a political view that means that a business, a life, […]

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Letters, Aug. 1: Concert help and laying wreaths

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Thanks for concert help Our 71st season of the Pastorius Park Concerts (PPC) finished last Wednesday and the stage is packed away again. I’d like to say a big thank you to all our enthusiastic, hard working team of PPC volunteers without whom the concerts wouldn’t happen: Bob (The Stage) Rossman, Tia Burke, Aidan Robinson, […]

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Letters, July 18: Tax abatement

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Per Jake Blumgart’s article on City Council’s inability to reform the new construction tax abatement program [“Why Philadelphia punted on tax abatement reform …. again,” July 11]: This inability is fundamentally due to council’s “deliberations,” which, as the article points out, are mostly about responding to interested stakeholders rather than defining a public purpose for […]

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Letters, July 11: Article response and dictators

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Welcome to Chestnut Hill Since you have only been here a few months, I am curious as to why you would be concerned about the names of our local streets [“Red Matters in Chestnut Hill,” July 4] Are you suggesting that the streets should not have been named after Indian tribes? Are you saying that […]

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Letters, July 4: Sound machines, kindness and plastic bags

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Sound machines may hurt ears Your opinion piece on the use of ultra sonic Mosquito machines was most welcome [“Sonic warfare against teens?”, June 27]. There is a dearth of research as to the long-term exposure to such stimuli. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness and hearing loss are all possibilities considering the physiology of […]

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Letters, June 27: Thanks and choosing life

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Thanks for coverage I just wanted to thank Sue Ann Rybak and the Chestnut Hill Local again for the article about my fundraising efforts for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) [“Baker Street manager on a mission to raise $50,000 to fight cancer,” May 2]. In a 10-week span, ending June 8, we raised $87,500, […]

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Letters, June 20: Senior section

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Enjoyed senior section I really enjoyed the “Senior Life” section of the June 6 Local. I’d love to see it become a regular feature. Northwest Philly is a place rich in history, and our seniors are a priceless repository of first-hand stories and information. I’m tired of all the other “senior” publications that are just […]

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