Letters, May 14

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A beautiful thing Wow! We are so humbled. What a beautiful thing you have done for us with your article and the people we feed (“They lost their jobs, but they’re helping feed others,” May 7). The response has been off the charts. Jessica RightsMt. Airy Groceries What will the Supreme Court do? Let’s think […]

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Letters, May 7

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Unprecedented time caring for our community First, and most importantly, thank you for staying at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community! It is critical that you continue to stay home, limit trips, and practice social distancing. Staying home is the single most beneficial action people can take for the health […]

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Letters, April 30

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Another local Chestnut Hill hero! Russell Goudy of Kilian’s Hardware donated well over 100 N-95 masks to Jefferson Hospital and to Philadelphia EMS personnel to assist with the Covid-19 crisis in the city. Many thanks to him for this selfless and generous act. M.J. Cohen, MDChestnut Hill U.S. should invest in global disease fight Rather […]

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Letters, April 9

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Don’t expect us to learn a thing You write, in your April 2 Local editorial: “One thing that is clear about this pandemic is that little is certain.” In the last paragraph you write “A crisis like this is bound to dramatically change the way we do things in the future.” To my way of […]

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Letters | February 26th, 2020 | Leave a comment

Enjoyed Bethlehem column I enjoyed George McNeely’s “A Letter from Bethlehem” [Feb. 20], both for its information and for its fine writing. The founding Moravians were also dedicated to education, establishing Moravian College in 1742, which still boasts a number of outstanding examples of their distinctive stone architecture. Notable among these is the music building, […]

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Letters, Feb. 20: Springfield coverage, library staffing

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Happy for Springfield coverage So many local newspapers have disappeared, taking away information that is vital to the well-being of communities and the maintenance of community. I want to commend The Local for carrying news of Springfield Township and placing it prominently in the first section of the newspaper.  Betsy Wallace, a concerned Wyndmoor resident, […]

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Letters, Feb. 6 — Hospital pulls sign permit

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Hospital has pulled sign plan, will work with neighbors On Tuesday, Jan. 28, Chestnut Hill Hospital pulled its zoning request for signage. We appreciate the input neighbors provided to the Development and Review Committee at the public meeting. As was stated at the start of the presentation, Chestnut Hill Hospital did not know a zoning […]

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Letters, Jan. 30

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Hospital plans driven by marketing The Development Review Committee (DRC) held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 21. It was very reassuring to this resident-for-the-last-60-years of Chestnut Hill. I am familiar with the Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA); my wife, Ann Ward Spaeth was active in the CHCA for many years, and I was […]

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Letters, Jan. 16

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Time to act on climate change As a Junior in Germantown Friends School, I often feel exasperation and a feeling of being trapped on a train barreling towards a future over which I have no control. Though the climate crisis affects us all, my generation is the most at risk and has the most to […]

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