Letters, March 21: Article responses

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Grateful for coverage I’m very grateful for Peter Elliott’s wonderfully well-written story about my labor of love, irishphiladelphia.com [“Chestnut Hiller’s hobby became online regional resource for Irish culture,” March 14]. I would be remiss were I not also to mention the contributions of my friend Lori Lander Murphy, a gifted writer, but also a talented […]

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Letters, March 14: Tax abatements and Annual Appeal

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Tax abatements don’t deserve blame for school woes An opinion piece in the February 28 Chestnut Hill Local, “Tax abatements may help build houses, but don’t help build community,” accuses the City’s 10-year tax abatement program of being guilty of leaving behind the children and the staff of the public schools that they attend while […]

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Letters, Feb. 14: Germantown BID argument and article appreciation

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Déjà vu Germantown? While history inevitably repeats itself, insanity is repeating the same mistake and expecting different results. If you’ve grown up or been in Germantown during the mid-90s, you’d remember that we’ve been here before with the Germantown Special Services District. In a 2012 article, WHYY reported that although the program started out well-funded […]

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Letters, Feb. 7: Call for conservation, Women’s March conflicts and break-ins article

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We need proactive conservation to save historic homes As a longtime resident of Wyndmoor and Chestnut Hill, I have seen lots of changes, mostly positive, over many years. Our community has been spared, for the most part, the impact of cookie-cutter townhouses and rampant over-development. Unfortunately, there are still exceptions where the community has lost […]

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Letters, Jan. 24: Spungen article appreciation

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Article on local author ‘packed with emotion’ Your article on Jan. 17 about Deborah Spungen and her books, “Table for One” and “I Don’t Want to Live This Life” was packed with emotion and beautifully written. I read both books and could not agree with you more. Deborah’s sense of humor is very apparent in […]

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Letters, Jan. 17: Russian influence and wall arguments

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We should question Russian influence Let’s not be so desensitized that we are not shocked by the latest revelation regarding our President and Russia. I’m referring to the counterintelligence investigation to determine whether Trump is or has been working for Russia. This border wall demand is a smokescreen to take our attention away from the […]

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Letters, Dec. 20: Legal migrants and Bell article

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Migrants must be legal Rachel Johnson recently wrote that “accepting migrants is the right thing to do.” [Dec 6] As someone whose family left Europe and came to the US seeking a better life, I couldn’t agree more. However, anyone who wants to come to our country must do so legally. Ms. Johnson described her […]

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Letters, Dec. 13

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Thanks for inclusion to architectural hall of fame The George Woodward Company and the Woodward family thank the Chestnut Hill Conservancy and everyone who voted to include the Ice House, the Abraham Rex Store (Woodward offices) and the Half Moon Houses in the Architectural Hall of Fame. We appreciate the recognition for the contribution our […]

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