Letters, Nov. 21: Apology and artistic support

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An apology I’d like to apologize to the Chestnut Hill Local. I chose to submit a story for the Kids Edition that wasn’t mine. I have tarnished your reputation as a credible source. It was not my intent to hurt others with my actions, and I sincerely apologize for entangling the paper and the school […]

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Letters, Nov. 7: Lutheran Seminary and Chestnut Hill exit

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Seminary not to blame for Avenue traffic woes When I first heard of the Lutheran Seminary’s building plans, my initial reaction was dismay at their potential impacts on Germantown Avenue traffic, which is already a mess. I’ve lived in the general area of the seminary for decades and have watched Germantown Avenue traffic grow worse […]

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Letters, Oct. 31: Road rage and stage star

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Avoiding road rage I enjoyed your article in today’s edition of the Local regarding road rage you experienced when coming out of driveway from Andorra Shopping Center last Sunday (“How do you deal with road rage on N.W. Philly street,” Oct. 24). I just want to give you an additional tip which I learned few […]

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Letters, Oct. 17: Lost cat

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A lost cat recovered One cannot help but notice the number of flyers alerting the public to lost/missing pets in our neighborhoods and parks. Also, Nextdoor, a neighborhood social media site, posts pleas for the public’s help in finding these animals. Unfortunately, too many are never found. On Tuesday, Oct. 1, a strikingly handsome young […]

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Letters, Oct. 10: Opinion was propaganda

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Opinion was propaganda In “Animal activists on wrong side of fight against AIDS” (October 3, 2019), the president of the animal-experimentation propaganda organization Foundation for Biomedical Research repeats misrepresentations that big pharma, its allied industries and indoctrinated scientists, practitioners and officials have imposed on the public since animal-advocacy organizations started to expose the horrendous suffering […]

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Letters, Sept. 19: Abolition Hall response

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Editor’s note: Last week’s “Our Town” column by George McNeely on the development of land next to Abolition hall generated a great deal of response form readers. The following letters all address that column. I want to thank the Chestnut Hill Local for publishing George McNeely’s compelling article about Plymouth Meeting’s Abolition Hall. As he […]

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Letters, Sept. 12: Captain Andy’s

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Captain Andy’s I was lucky enough to have a friend introduce me to Capt. Andy’s Market on E. Willow Grove Avenue just past Stenton Avenue. Capt. Andy’s has great local produce, fresh seafood and amazing prime meats. They also have prepared food if you’re not in the mood to cook. I grill their Scottish salmon, […]

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Letters, Sept. 5: Dog park and Medicare

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Time for a dog park in Chestnut Hill Regarding the problem of dogs off leash in Pastorius Park, perhaps some civic-minded individual or group could work to create a nice dog park somewhere in Chestnut Hill. Dogs need to run for exercise, for fun and to learn socialization with people and other dogs. Dogs kept […]

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