Letters, Jan. 30

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Hospital plans driven by marketing The Development Review Committee (DRC) held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 21. It was very reassuring to this resident-for-the-last-60-years of Chestnut Hill. I am familiar with the Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA); my wife, Ann Ward Spaeth was active in the CHCA for many years, and I was […]

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Letters, Jan. 16

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Time to act on climate change As a Junior in Germantown Friends School, I often feel exasperation and a feeling of being trapped on a train barreling towards a future over which I have no control. Though the climate crisis affects us all, my generation is the most at risk and has the most to […]

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Letters: Jan. 2

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Nothing wrong with “Merry Christmas” I write in response to Stacia Friedman’s recent column regarding her opinions about Christmas. [“What it’s like to be a Jewish child at Christmas time,” Dec. 19] She began by describing a group of women discussing how simply saying “Merry Christmas” is now taboo. And now, one must be “PC” […]

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Letters, Dec. 12: Keep it local

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Keep it local I looked forward to reading the article “The perfect gifts for your foodie friends and relatives.” Then I became dismayed because Ms. Lisante recommended mainly gifts for purchase online. Only one local store was recommended. I don’t have a subscription for information that I can find myself online. Why waste pages of […]

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Letters, Dec. 12: Water Tower, reform, Rabb and 2020

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New planting at Water Tower looks good? The new plantings of shrubs and trees and the nicely mulched areas that have appeared this week at the Water Tower upper park look terrific. The process of clearing out the overgrown brush started some time ago, and the present result is a beautiful step forward. It looks […]

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Letters, Dec. 5: Wizard of Oz and Springfield coverage

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A preview of Quintessence’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ Intelligence, love and courage is how they deal with wickedness in the merry old land of Oz – with a healthy measure of music, song and dance, too! I saw a preview of Quintessence Theater’s production of L. Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz,” which officially opens this […]

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Letters, Nov. 21: Apology and artistic support

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An apology I’d like to apologize to the Chestnut Hill Local. I chose to submit a story for the Kids Edition that wasn’t mine. I have tarnished your reputation as a credible source. It was not my intent to hurt others with my actions, and I sincerely apologize for entangling the paper and the school […]

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Letters, Nov. 7: Lutheran Seminary and Chestnut Hill exit

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Seminary not to blame for Avenue traffic woes When I first heard of the Lutheran Seminary’s building plans, my initial reaction was dismay at their potential impacts on Germantown Avenue traffic, which is already a mess. I’ve lived in the general area of the seminary for decades and have watched Germantown Avenue traffic grow worse […]

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Letters, Oct. 31: Road rage and stage star

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Avoiding road rage I enjoyed your article in today’s edition of the Local regarding road rage you experienced when coming out of driveway from Andorra Shopping Center last Sunday (“How do you deal with road rage on N.W. Philly street,” Oct. 24). I just want to give you an additional tip which I learned few […]

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