Letters for Aug. 9: Abolition Hall supporters respond to developer

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Facts matter for Abolition Hall development Indeed, “community growth and historic preservation can coexist” [“Preserving history with responsible development,” by K Honvnanian Division President, Barry McGarron, published August 2], but responsible development must be predicated upon a respect for the past, the people and the facts. K. Hovnanian, its attorneys, and its public relations firm, […]

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Letters, July 19: Unpopular opinions and looking out for older neighbors in the heat

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Here’s to unpopular opinions Congratulations to David Banov regarding his letter “Trump Critics Miss His Accomplishments.” [July 5] It takes real courage to buck the very popular tide of rampant, almost hysterical, Trump bashing. Deriding Mr. Trump and his family and every single thing that they say and do has become very “in,”very cool. Hats […]

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Letters, June 14: No cultural poverty in Chestnut Hill

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In response to Diamantino Machado’s letter last week on “cultural poverty in Chestnut Hill” in which he cites, among others, the lack of theater “for presentation of … good American and foreign plays,” I would like to mention that for the last 90 years Chestnut Hill has been home to The Stagecrafters, one of the […]

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Letters, June 7. Privileged parkers and cultural poverty?

Letters | June 6th, 2018 | 5 Comments

Arrogant and entitled while parking Perhaps it’s the Trump era we live in, though I think the sense of entitlement so many people have preceded his election. It manifests itself in many ways; one is parking. You’ve seen it yourself: People who park (or stand) wherever they want because it is convenient for them, even […]

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