Letters, July 30: Voting by mail

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Importance of voting by mail Recently I’ve been worried about voting at the polls come November because I have cancer and am immune suppressed. However, now in Pennsylvania you don’t have to go in person to the polls because in Pennsylvania any registered voter can vote from home. However, I’ve discovered many Pennsylvania voters don’t […]

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Letters, July 16: Looting and happy subscribers

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Looting is inevitable? A thoughtful article in the June 18 Local considered the moral and social justification, or lack thereof, of the looting and destruction of property that occurred recently in Philadelphia and throughout the country. I am suggesting the relevance of last year’s top-rated film, “Parasite,” to the discussion. Bong Joon-ho’s powerhouse of a […]

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Letters, July 2: sidewalk dining hazards

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Sidewalk dining is making it hard to be a pedestrian “Yours, Mine and Ours” is a movie (1968) staring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda and a movie (2005) starring Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid. And it’s a snapshot (2020) of Germantown Avenue starring McNally’s, Cosimo’s, Chestnut Hill Coffee, Campbell’s, Iron Hill and the Chestnut Hill […]

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Letters: America loses lead on global health

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Letter to America Dear America, what has happened to you? We are alarmed and shocked by your absence at the Global Public Health table. You were always the first among equals, leading in impact and generosity, saving millions and millions of lives around the world. We all so admired you, counting on your can-do spirit […]

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Letters, June 18: Flags, privilege and listening to learn

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Don’t give up the flag I carried the American flag Saturday morning as part of the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter tribute which preceded the opening of Germantown Avenue stores. Several people commented that their initial reaction at seeing the American flag was a fear that I was a counterdemonstrator.  This confirmed my long-held […]

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Letters, June 4: We need leadership

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We need leadership Since early March we have faced unprecedented challenges, magnified by the pervasive uncertainty of when we can return to our previous “normal”.  We fear lack of food.  We fear adverse health consequences from activities which we used to take for granted, such as a hug.  We are deprived of human contact and […]

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Letters, May 21: Proud of hospital staff, Einhorn reactions

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Enormously proud of hospital staff On behalf of the Chestnut Hill Hospital Board of Trustees, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all the staff, doctors, and nurses have done for our community in recent months with the COVID-19 pandemic. They are all heroes working beyond normal limits with courage and professionalism. Challenged […]

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Letters, May 14

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A beautiful thing Wow! We are so humbled. What a beautiful thing you have done for us with your article and the people we feed (“They lost their jobs, but they’re helping feed others,” May 7). The response has been off the charts. Jessica RightsMt. Airy Groceries What will the Supreme Court do? Let’s think […]

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