Discovering Chestnut Hill: Protecting urban open space one acre at a time

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by Kevin Hughes Chestnut Hill is one of the region’s most beautiful and architecturally distinguished communities. Flanked by the spectacular Wissahickon Gorge and Cresheim Valley, it began as a rural farming and milling community in the early 1700s and became the site of one of the first planned suburban communities in the 19th century. With […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: Railroads and their landscapes in Chestnut Hill

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by Alex Bartlett, Archivist, Chestnut Hill Conservancy The construction of the Chestnut Hill East and West railroads in Chestnut Hill caused significant and permanent changes to the landscapes adjacent to the two lines. Most of the rights of way along both lines, however, were quite rural at the time of their construction, and, therefore, the […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: Conservancy recognizes developer Brad Bank with award for preservation excellence

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by Patricia Cove Brad Bank has found his calling. Following stints as a lawyer, real estate agent and antique automobile restorer, he has combined his talents, and love of the “old,” into a fulfilling career in discovering and restoring historically significant buildings. Bank makes it clear, that he is not into “flipping.” He and his […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: Winners of the Chestnut Hill Conservancy’s Preservation Recognition Awards demonstrate exceptional care and commitment

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by Shirley Hanson, Chestnut Hill Conservancy This is the fifth year for the Chestnut Hill Conservancy’s Preservation Recognition Awards. One award praised Ann and Jack Kelly’s cornice restoration. The Kellys were unable to be present at the Conservancy’s Annual Meeting on Sunday, Jan. 6. There to receive the award was the Meyer Restoration Team of […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: Conservancy honors St. Martin’s Station Committee and SEPTA with Preservation Recognition Award

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by Lou Richman, Chestnut Hill Conservancy Anyone who spends even a short time in Chestnut Hill knows how crucially the community depends on reliable public train service to connect it to Center City and beyond. But no less important than utilitarian transportation to Chestnut Hill’s vitality and identity are the handsome train stations that grace […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: Learn about Fairmount Park History in a spectacular home at the Park’s edge

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by Lori Salganicoff, Executive Director, Chestnut Hill Conservancy The Thursday, Nov. 15 final event in the Chestnut Hill Conservancy’s Fall 2018 “Discovering Chestnut Hill” tour and lecture series will present a history of Fairmount Park in Homewood, the spectacular Chestnut Hill home of Kim and Iain Dukes (former home of Eleanor Widener Dixon). Limited tickets […]

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Discovering Chestnut Hill: Illuminating history on Germantown Ave. during the Oct. 5 ‘Night of Lights’

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by Leah Silverstein, Director of Operations and Special Projects, Chestnut Hill Conservancy On Friday, October 5, the Chestnut Hill Conservancy will be presenting the second annual Night of Lights, an innovative public art exhibit that will transform Chestnut Hill’s commercial corridor into an interactive exhibit of local history and architecture. Many area shops and restaurants […]

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