Is your child sleep-deprived? Local expert has solution

Business | February 25th, 2020 | Leave a comment

by Len Lear You know you are a mother when your fantasies are about sleeping.” “I really think that tossing and turning all night long should be considered exercise.” Who hasn’t been sleep-deprived at some point in your life, especially if you are the parent of a young child? Millions of Americans take sleeping pills […]

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Musical businessman aims to please — and to squeeze!

Business | February 5th, 2020 | Leave a comment

by Len Lear What is the definition of a gentleman? Someone who knows how to play the accordion but doesn’t. Michael “Bellows” Bulboff was born in Roxborough Hospital; his father’s family has lived at Paoli and Ridge in Roxborough for his entire life (39 years), and he still loves biking along Forbidden Drive and the […]

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Just what the doctor ordered for post-natal fitness

Business | January 30th, 2020 | Leave a comment

By Len Lear There was a time when new mothers were regarded as delicate flowers who should not move around much to avoid harm to the anatomy. Not anymore. We know now that a post-natal exercise regimen is a boost for the physical, mental and emotional health of new mothers. And our area’s foremost proponent […]

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Local couple finds success with vegan pasta

Business | January 29th, 2020 | Leave a comment

by Len Lear We recently found a frozen product at Weavers Way, “Meaty Walnut Vegan Ravioli,” which was absolutely delicious and according to the container, “Vegan, Non-GMO, Organic, Dairy-Free and Soy-Free.” And lo and behold, it turned out that the company which produces it, “Eat Nice,” is comprised of a local couple, Nell McBride, 36, […]

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Erdenheim entrepreneur high on medical pot prospects

Business | December 27th, 2019 | Leave a comment

by Barbara Sherf As Pennsylvania gets even closer to passing legislation legalizing recreational marijuana, an Erdenheim entrepreneur is watching and waiting while running the highest volume marijuana chain in the state. Terra Vida Holistic Center CEO Christina “Chris” Visco is poised to take the next step as two separate pieces of legislation legalizing the recreational […]

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CH Brewing Company opens new ‘Taproom’

Business | October 4th, 2019 | Leave a comment

by Brendan Sample Less than three years after opening in the Market at the Fareway, the Chestnut Hill Brewing Company has already expanded with a new Taproom, which opened in early September. While the Taproom will continue to offer much of the same food and drink selections as the Brewing Company, it has also expanded […]

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