Local Sunshine brings light and joy to babies, toddlers

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by Len Lear There have been numerous scientific studies that have demonstrated beyond a doubt that reading to children, no matter how young (even babies), will have a beneficial effect on their cognitive development and school performance in later years. And if they are read to from books by a certain prolific Germantown author, there […]

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Mt. Airy cleric authors ‘sex-positive Christianity’ book

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by Len Lear An ordained minister from Mt Airy has teamed up with a practicing psychotherapist specializing in sexuality to co-author a book for psychotherapists and pastoral counselors to help their clients reconcile their Christian faith with a desire for sexual fulfillment. The book, “Advancing Sexual Health for the Christian Client: Data and Dogma,” published […]

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Word Mavens reveal ‘Stuff Every Grandmother Should Know’

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by Len Lear Joyce Eisenberg, 65, and Ellen Scolnic, 56, aka “The Word Mavens,” are area residents who have written three books, including one that was released Feb. 12, “Stuff Every Grandmother Should Know” (Quirk Press). They have also written many gently humorous, non-political essays about domestic slice-of-life events, sort of like the late syndicated […]

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‘Trees’ author at Hill Library on Jan. 16: Put down the little screen; look up at the giant trees

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by Elizabeth Coady The assignment: to interview the author of three essential field guides on trees. If ever there was a legitimate excuse to ask the perennial interview question, ‘‘If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?’’ it’s now. So I asked Edward ‘Ned” Sibley Barnard, the author of “New York […]

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