Ask a rehabber: What to do with an injured bird

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by Rebecca Michelin You may have heard the devastating news- a study published this month in the journal Science reports that the total breeding bird population in the continental U.S. and Canada has dropped by 29 percent since 1970. While there are numerous factors contributing to this decline, human-made alterations to the landscape have certainly […]

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Watch your step: Tips for healthy feet

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by Catherine Brzozowski The average person will walk the equivalent of four times around the world in his or her lifetime (about 115,000 miles). Each step you take involves a complex network of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. A normal foot and ankle has 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and […]

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How to live with diabetes

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by Catherine Brzozowski Pennsylvanians are increasingly feeling the impact of diabetes with more than 1.5 million residents currently living with condition, and many others that may have diabetes and are unaware. Every year, an estimated 71,000 people in Pennsylvania are diagnosed with diabetes which is contributing to serious complications including heart disease, stroke, amputation, end-stage […]

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Physical therapy is often key to speedy recovery

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by Catherine Brzozowski If you have experienced a debilitating injury or illness, the road to recovery may seem daunting. Any serious injury, illness or condition that causes pain, physical impairment and limited movement often incorporates physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy treatment includes an evaluation, assessment and treatment from a specially trained physical therapist. Physical therapists […]

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How to be safe in the sun and heat this summer

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by Catherine Brzozowski Summer is here. Before you head out, prepare for health woes that occur more frequently during the next several months. Local emergency medicine expert Dr. Lee Jablow, medical director of the emergency department at Chestnut Hill Hospital, suggests a few tips to help keep you and your family out of the ER […]

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Healthy tips every woman needs to age fabulously

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by Catherine Brzozowski Your health is a lifelong journey, but some fundamentals are the same no matter your age! Eat healthy, be active, take care of your mental health, get regular wellness checkups, and avoid taking unnecessary risks, like texting and driving. When you compare the healthcare needs of men versus women, however, a gap […]

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Support for weight loss at Chestnut Hill Hospital

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by Catherine Brzozowski Losing weight is hard. Doing it alone? That’s even harder. Finding support for your weight-loss efforts can mean the difference between success and failure. According to research, having friends or family members who are supportive of your healthy eating habits and exercise goals is important for long-term weight loss success. Support can […]

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