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With the resurgence in popularity of authentic historic homes, buyers are realizing that original interior architectural features can be maintained while still designing an interior that says 2022. more
The question always arises as to exactly how much architectural history should be preserved when redoing an interior. more
It seems to be the natural course of things that once the pendulum goes to one extreme, it reverses its swing.  I am happy to report that the minimalist aesthetic that has dominated the field of design for more than 15 years appears to be in retreat.  more
In the fall, the Sunday edition of the New York Times publishes a magazine supplement that focuses on design.  As the topic is a broad one, articles can range from antique Italian jewelry to the gardens of France, to the architecture of  Mallorca. The stories are always fascinating and often quite thought provoking.  But it was an article in this fall’s edition that I found to be most intriguing. more
Remember the fad of about 20 years ago, called “Color Me Beautiful”?  more
Searching for and finding the home of your dreams is often just that: a dream. more
The owners of shared buildings often cite many conveniences in having a neighbor close -by. more
I grew up in a “Rancher”.  In fact, my father built it himself, in 1959, and it remained our family home for the next 50 years.  more
There are a few design guidelines that can be applicable no matter what the scope of a project.  If you own a Federal home your furnishings need not be Federal antiques. more
Philadelphia in April is awash in green and pink, and yellow, and purple, and Chestnut Hill in May will be extraordinarily bedecked in floral blooms of all shapes, sizes and colors. more
  Although it is a well certified and established belief that the architectural exterior of a building conveys, with great distinction, a very specific period in time, a single historic … more
In my last article, I expressed praise, as well as caution for all you DIYers out there.  For those of you who are computer savvy, and also knowledgeable on how the design and renovation … more
Each century, each year, each political, social or industrial movement can create its own design direction or philosophy. There is no movement for which that is more true than the period known as the Arts and Crafts movement. more
Any space within a home, be it a living room, dining room, bedroom or den, only becomes your space when it reflects your personality, lifestyle and individual tastes. There is no better way to create … more
The New York Times Magazine cover for its feature on the rise of 'sweatpants style' and the demise of fashion. by Patricia Cove A few weeks back, the cover story of the Sunday New York Times Magazine … more
A walk in any garden designed by its owner or mother nature can provide beauty, inspiration, and peace. by Patricia Cove People who love design, and I certainly put myself in that category, can … more
Four bolts of Liberty of London's current fabric collection inspired by historic English love stories. by Patricia Cove One of the most important features of any design is the fabric and materials … more
Original stone pillars with gates and a kidney shaped driveway marker (left) in front of a stone wall obscured by cascading vines. A hairpin fence (right) is typical of homes in the area in the mid … more
How to “modernize” this beautiful room done in the early 2000’s? Read the recipe below. by Patricia Cove Two weeks ago we talked about a project that had been sent to me by a couple who was … more
Denise’s and Joe’s fabulous living room. How can we bring it into the 21st century? by Patricia Cove A few weeks ago, I had asked for readers interested in a virtual redesign of a space to send … more
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