Holiday Parade scheduled for Dec. 15 has been cancelled

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Organizers of this weekend’s planned Holiday Parade in Chestnut Hill announced that it had been cancelled today. The reason is the forecast tomorrow, which is calling for rain throughout the morning. In a note to participants in the public, organizer Brien Tilley explained the decision: Hello Parade Friends, After careful consideration, we have decided to […]

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Best way to build community is to be a part of it

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In his 1995 essay, “Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital,” author Robert Putnam identified the dwindling American community as a great source of social decline. Putnam’s prescient work, which he’d later tun into a book of the same title, identified the deterioration of membership organizations – from labor unions to PTAs – as endemic of […]

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VIDEO: Scenes from the Holiday House Tour

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 Video and photos by Brian Rudnick The annual Chestnut Hill Holiday House tour was held this past Saturday. And Frosty temperatures did little to dissuade what appears to be a record number of attendees. While Chestnut HIll Community Association organizers were still tallying up ticket sale totals and getting attendee numbers sorted, they know […]

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Rocky retirement no end for Philly’s patron saint

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In 1975, a middling actor from the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City began working on a script for a film about an unknown boxer from Philadelphia who made a remarkable climb to super stardom in his sport, testing but eventually falling in a valiant effort to defeat the heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed. The […]

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CH Ave. development in violation of law, agreement

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by Pete Mazzaccaro A new development in Chestnut Hill at a prominent location on Germantown Avenue is not living up to expectations. It has not only earned the ire of local residents and civic associations, but has also received several violations from Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections for failing to comply to submitted building […]

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Climate change warnings continue to fall on ignorant ears

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While millions of Americans were shopping Black Friday deals across the country, the federal government issued a 1,700-page climate report. The report, formally called the National Climate Assessment, is the 4th such report following a Congressional mandate in 1990. The science couldn’t be more clear. The climate is changing. And that change poses a serious […]

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The Local at 60: Still committed to the mission that launched it in 1958

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In late 1955, Chestnut Hill entrepreneur Lloyd Wells decided Chestnut Hill needed a new newspaper. The first issue of the Chestnut Hill Cymbal was published in December of 1955. Its purpose, captured in that inaugural issue’s policy statement, was “to generate understanding and create public interest in the problems facing our community today.” Those same […]

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Senate’s Blue Wave buffer is by design

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Last week, in the leadup to the national midterm general elections, the country was waiting anxiously for “the Blue Wave.” The Blue Wave was the term for an anticipated sweep by Democratic candidates in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, governorships and state legislative bodies. Would it happen? Or would it be little […]

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