GFS (and Local) grad adds Steele-y prose to Inquirer

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by Len Lear Even when a story’s elements swing around like an Alexander Calder mobile, Allison Steele’s prose swings like a downhill slalom. Her sentences fill up with truth like a balloon in a Thanksgiving Day parade. Steele, 39, a graduate of Germantown Friends School, was a journalism major at New York University almost 20 […]

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Acclaimed ex-Springside poet is an animal’s best friend

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by Len Lear Among the many distinguished Springside School alumnae, it is not likely that there is a more sensitive, lyrical poet than Ann Kolakowski, 56, who now lives in Brookeville, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C. Kolakowski is the author of an acclaimed collection of poems called “Persistence.” The poems in the book tell […]

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‘Tree hugger’ travels 9,000 miles to run Hill workshops

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by Len Lear Over the years, the term “tree hugger” has been used as an insult against environmentalists and “New Agers” by certain corporate and right-wing politicians and opinion makers. Hannah McQuilkan, however, is one person who is proud to be a literal “tree hugger.” McQuilkan, 39, a New Zealand-based Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Forest […]

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Ex-college pass catcher (one) passing mugs at gastropub

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by Len Lear I once wrote that sports metaphors dance off the tongue of John Paul (his friends call him “J.P.”) Boles, 54, who graduated from Harriton High School (lower Main Line) in 1982, where he played varsity lacrosse. He also played on the football team for three years at St. Francis College in Loretto […]

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Dino’s closing recalls previous nightmare on Hill

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by Len Lear After three years of providing New York-quality cabaret singers and musicians as well as fine dining, Dino’s Backstage in Glenside closed its doors for good on Sunday, June 23. The odds were always against this extremely ambitious, very expensive-to-build project in a suburban location, where not enough people are going to spend […]

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