Be on the lookout for these bears in Chestnut Hill.

by John Derr, Publisher

As a Time magazine story published on March 25t put it:  “Taking a page from Michael Rosen’s 1989 children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, members of a number of communities across the globe are placing teddy bears and other stuffed animals in their homes’ windows to create a scavenger hunt-esque activity for kids who are stuck at home.  While taking walks or drives around the neighborhood with their parents, kids in participating communities can have some fun by keeping an eye out for any number of stuffed animals that have been put on display at others houses.”

Indeed, neighborhoods close by and neighborhoods as far away as Iceland and London and Brussels have created this fun and active diversion for their community’s children and families, and I suspect, some grownups too.

The Chestnut Hill Local, Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA) and Chestnut Hill Business Association (CHBA) are working together to bring the Teddy Bear Hunts to our neighborhoods, at least over the next four weeks.  And we are adding a little bit of twist. 

In addition to asking residents to place plush bears (or other stuffed animals) in your windows to be spied by families out on walks, local businesses on “the Hill” are also joining in the fun.  Each week for the next four weeks, five businesses will display a teddy bear in their windows.  People who walk by will need to find and record the five businesses with the bears in the window and what each bear is holding in its paws (or in some cases, wearing)! 

Submit that to us at the Local and you will be entered to win that week’s prize of a $25 gift certificate to a Chestnut Hill business!  The fun starts on Friday, May 29.  The five businesses who have bears in their windows will change every Friday (and may not all be on Germantown Avenue, but a neighboring street).  So make sure you keep taking walks – while observing social distancing, of course. 

Additionally, as you are out in the neighborhood on your “hunt” and you come across a unique bear, capture it, with your phone or camera of course, and upload a picture to the photo gallery we will set up on   Also, post it to social media with #CHTeddyBearHunt.

We can’t bear to see you confused, so if you find yourself in a state of “panda-monium” just give us a koala at 215.248.8817 and our grizzl(y)ed veterans will be glad you clawed.  For more information on how to enter, see our ad in today’s Local on page 2. Happy hunting! 

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