A beautiful thing

Wow! We are so humbled. What a beautiful thing you have done for us with your article and the people we feed (“They lost their jobs, but they’re helping feed others,” May 7). The response has been off the charts.

Jessica Rights
Mt. Airy Groceries

What will the Supreme Court do?

Let’s think about the Supreme Court of the United States and the issues it might have to decide throughout its term, with the majority largely chosen by a Republican President and Senate.

  • Rights of working people and their ability to organize vs. corporate interests.
  • Right to vote guarantee vs. state government restraints.
  • Right of Congress to require Presidential accountability vs. Presidential secrecy.
  • Effective gun laws to protect life vs. the gun lobby and NRA
  • Effective enforcement and penalties of white-collar crimes vs. business and wealthy interests
  • Protection against brutality and abuse of those seeking asylum in U.S. vs. President as Commander-In-Chief

Do you really think that this court will enforce greater equality before the law, adequate opportunity for greater equality in education, health care and adequate cost-of-living salaries against private, upper income interest? I have my doubts. How about you?

Philip E. McGovern