A chicken soup kit from spoonfulofcomfort.com.

by April Lisante

The other day, I was searching for a gift basket to send to my friend’s son for his college graduation and I stumbled upon a food delivery website so amazing, so perfect, it was lifechanging.

It’s called Goldbelly, and it brings food from across the country to your doorstep overnight.

Craving some Chicago deep dish pizza during your quarantine? Done. Are you unable to Netflix binge without Sex and the City cupcakes from NYC’s Magnolia Bakery? See you tomorrow sweet heaven! And forget about Taco Bell when you can order some Trejo’s Tacos straight from Los Angeles.

The site boasts 450 addiction-inducing foods from 46 states delivered ASAP. Even Jim’s Steaks and John’s Roast Pork from right here in Philly are in on the Goldbelly action.

As I sat contemplating what to order my friend’s son, I thought: what else is out there in foodie gift land, ideas perfect for the graduate this year? Grads could use a little cheer. They aren’t having big parties or even walking for their diplomas. I found a few food gifts that are unique and fun and perfect for graduates of all ages. It was hard whittling down the selections, but here are some ideas for that 2020 grad in your life, in lieu of the usual flowers.

  • Since everyone is cooking at home during quarantine, why not gift the grad a special kit to make one of the family dinners? At giftbasket.com, the Mamma Mia Pizzeria Gift Set has everything you need to make an oven-baked pizza. They remember to throw everything in, from the pepperoni to the special olive oil, the herbs, cheeses and even a pizza pie crust mix. $89.99.
  • You can also give the gift of something comforting. The spoonfulofcomfort.com site has achieved what we’d always dreamed would be possible in college: a delivery of mom’s chicken soup. Grads get a 64-ounce jar of chicken noodle soup, along with the ladle, half a dozen rolls, and half a dozen cookies to clinch the comfort coma. $69.99.
  • Here’s one of my local favorites, which I’ve gifted before: the Pennsylvania General Store Philly Favorites Basket. The store, located in the Reading Terminal Market, will deliver a basket loaded with Philly novelty foods, from chocolate Liberty Bells to Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews and Melrose Diner Butter Cookies. It also comes with a mug and tiny non-edible Liberty Bell. www.pageneralstore.com. $69.99. (NOTE: Reading Terminal Market is open 8 – 5 Monday – Saturday for in-person shopping and delivery/pickup is also available through Mercato.)
  • I love this Man Crates company (mancrates.com) which has a lot of fun thinking outside the box about what foods it can put in a box. Their Taco Making Kit features three really hot sauces and a tortilla press machine, along with the flour needed to make the tortillas. The package is rounded off with a tortilla rack and a warmer. $99.99.
  • If grads aren’t into cooking as much as they are just eating, the La Tienda Tapas Party Gift Box is fun. This takes apps to another level with chorizo, breadsticks and several kinds of Spanish peppers, including a crabmeat-stuffed version. This one would serve six to eight people for an at-home grad party. $114.95.
  • Some grads just want to hang in their rooms and play Playstation, and some of them want their own food stash in the same room. I like the care package from Wine Country Gift Baskets (winecountrygiftbaskets.com). Instead of Doritos and Cheetos, it has fruit snacks, hummus, crackers, a brownie, candy and even a Cup O Noodles (for when they leave the room to boil water.) $49.95.
  • A walk around the neighborhood on any given night will prove the number one activity these days is the backyard s’more pit. The Gourmet S’mores Kit from the Adventure Challenge company (theadventurechallenge.com) elevates the store-bought graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows with homemade versions, like handmade California chocolate. It also comes with a special candle for those rainy nights when you’re still craving s’mores inside. $29.99.
  • If the grad has a sweet tooth, the Wolferman’s Bakery “Pick 6” Mix and Match Bakery Gift lets you pick from scones, Belgian waffles, sweet rolls and their most famous offerings, English muffins, to create a custom box. The bakery is more than a century old and is famous for their nook and cranny muffins. wolfermans.com. $44.99.

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