Friends of Pastorius Park’s [left to right] Ted Wiedermann, Quita Horan, John Schmitt, Bill Washburn, Ernesta Ballard and Andy Vogelson, with photos of possible ground cover that could be planted on the bank near the warming hut at the park to control erosion, 1992. (Chestnut Hill Conservancy)

By Tolis Vardakis, past president of Chestnut Hill Community Association (2007-2009) & Laura Lucas, current president of Chestnut Hill Community Association (2016-2020)

It was sad to learn of the recent passing of Quita Woodward Horan.

While you’ve heard of Quita’s generosity to the Conservancy with easements and to the formation and ongoing support for Pastorius Park through the Friends group, you might not have known about her ongoing support of the Chestnut Hill Community Association.

For many years, in addition to her generous contribution to the Annual Fund Drive, Quita anonymously funded the salary of the administrative position of the Chestnut Hill Community Association to ensure that there was a person to greet every CHCA member who entered Town Hall. “Participating financially has been a delight”- as she put it in a letter to Tolis.  She was passionate about the CHCA and she felt that “there is no substitute for it”.

We are so thankful and honored to be part of Quita’s legacy of selfless giving to the Chestnut Hill area and to the Community Association.

It is with a heavy heart that we bid her farewell, but we will continue to remember her and always speak fondly of a true friend of the institutions of Chestnut Hill and of the community she deeply loved.