Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley today announced 127 new cases of COVID-19 in Philadelphia, bringing the total confirmed cases in the city to 475.

Farley said 40 of the city’s cases have been hospitalized. He also said that testing remains available but is limited and that the city’s hospital still has available beds for the sick.

“As the number of cases rises, the risk increases to everyone in the City of Philadelphia,” Dr. Farley said. “Each day it becomes even more important to follow our stay at home order.”

Of the 475 positive cases Farley said the age breakdown is as follows:

  • 18 are younger than 20
  • 216 are between 20 and 39
  • 126 are between 40 and 59
  • 115 are older than 60.

Mayor Jim Kenney said today that the city had been trying to negotiate with the owner of Hahnemann Hospital, which is closed and currently empty,but that those negotiations hit an impasse.

“We need to focus on the crisis at hand — including the need to develop facilities that will serve as field hospitals, as quarantine space, and as isolation space — facilities that will help save lives,” said the Mayor. “We will focus our energies on working with other property owners in order to find temporary solutions to these absolutely vital needs. And I fully expect that we will find owners who are ready and willing to step up, to work with us, to do what is best for all Philadelphians.”

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