Dr. Thomas Farley at today’s press briefing on COVID-19.

At the city’s daily COVID-19 press conference, Mayor Jim Kenney announced that the the city had recorded the first death of a resident due to COVID-19.

Kenney said the death is the first of a likely many and reiterated it underscored the need of everyone to heed the city’s stay at home orders to make control spread.

“This is serious,” Kenney said. “This is resulting in people dying. Stay home.”

The city’s health Director, Dr. Thomas Farley, said the victim’s name would be withheld for privacy concerns but did share that the victim was a man older than 50 with an underlying health condition.

Farley also provided an update on the city’s infection rate. He said the city had 93 new cases between 1 p.m. yesterday (March 24) and today’s 1 p.m. press conference. The city’s total positive cases stands at 342.

Of the total 342 cases:

  • 12 are under 20
  • 163 are between 20 to 39
  • 85 between 40 and 59.
  • 82 are over 60
  • 37 known to be healthcare workers.

Farley said the disease is still increasing rapidly and echoed Kenney’s directions to Philadelphians to stay home, observe social distancing and wash their hands

“We can’t save everyone but we want to save as many people as possible,” he said.

Kenney said that the city was pouring over the details of a massive Federal Aid deal agreed to earlier today and that he was largely pleased with its contents, confident that it would provide much needed aid for city residents and Americans in general.

“I’m very pleased to see that some of this package includes direct aid to cities and counties,” Kenney said. “It’s extremely important that these dollars get to cities as expeditiously as possible. There’s a lot more in this package, and our team is still pouring over the details. But at first glance, I can tell you that this package is a significant step toward ensuring that all Americans — including Philadelphians — are able to weather the economic hardships that this pandemic will bring”

The city would be sure to help residents take advantage of assistance programs contained in the law when it takes effect.

For the latest information on COVID-19 and the city’s response, see its website here.