Happy for Springfield coverage

So many local newspapers have disappeared, taking away information that is vital to the well-being of communities and the maintenance of community.

I want to commend The Local for carrying news of Springfield Township and placing it prominently in the first section of the newspaper.  Betsy Wallace, a concerned Wyndmoor resident, has taken it upon herself to attend the Springfield Township Board of Commissioners monthly public workshop meetings and give us a clear and comprehensive snapshot of the issues.

As a Springfield Township resident who has felt very disconnected from the workings of my township government, I am grateful to both The Local and Betsy Wallace for this public service.

Ginny Goldberg

Library is committed to filling staff positions

Last week, Stan Cutler penned a column related to staffing and hiring at the Chestnut Hill Library [“Friends of the Chestnut Hill Library looking for answers”]. I’d like to provide some clarification.

First let me state that I agree wholeheartedly that our library staff—at Chestnut Hill and at our 53 other locations around the city—is dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about their work. We add members to this extraordinary team through a formal process for hiring city employees, and we are working diligently to fill several vacant librarian positions in locations around the city. That process includes posting openings on the Free Library and City of Philadelphia websites announcing the Library examination with a specific close date to submit applications. I am sorry that Mr. Cutler did not see these listings during his search.

Anyone who wishes to join the Free Library team can find open positions under the “About” section on freelibrary.org and on phila.gov/personnel. We look forward to adding new members to our wonderful staff.

Siobhan A. Reardon
President and Director
Free Library of Philadelphia

All should resist President’s lawless behavior

Regardless of political affiliation, we all must take stock of this President’s overt actions to damage our democracy, exercise unfettered abuse of power, use the powers of the presidency to corrupt the rule of law and create havoc in our government.

His interference in the Roger Stone sentencing is a wake-up call to every American. If he is successful in lessening consequences for his convicted friends, expect him to increase his attacks on those not willing to accept his lawlessness and take unlimited revenge on those who disagree with him.

Freedom of speech no longer exists if we cannot speak freely without being targeted by this President and publicly labeled “an enemy”. His rallies are reminiscent of rallies in 1930s Germany.

Because of the complacency of the Senate, America is in a downward spiral as a free country guided by the rule of law. Every American is less safe — justice is now in the eyes of the President. This is the time to also rise up against those who support this tyrant, refuse to consider legislation (HR 1) that protects our elections and freedoms and ignore the damage now taking place throughout our institutions, our government and our country.

The 2020 election will determine whether or not American democracy will survive. We have a Dictator in the White House and a Senate majority that condones autocracy. We must not be silent, nor complacent.

Ellen Stevenson