Hospital has pulled sign plan, will work with neighbors

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, Chestnut Hill Hospital pulled its zoning request for signage. We appreciate the input neighbors provided to the Development and Review Committee at the public meeting. As was stated at the start of the presentation, Chestnut Hill Hospital did not know a zoning request was sent to the city. We did not receive a letter from the representing attorney. We learned of the local DRC meeting in the CH Local. The Hospital would have recommended changes to the sign package given the opportunity.

The meeting did provide a forum to hear our neighbors’ concerns that we will take into consideration. We will assess the sound shields to ensure they are providing the most effective buffering sound created by the HVAC system. We do test the generator once a month at 5 a.m. to ensure the safety of our power source at a time when it is least disruptive to patient care.

The Hospital will continue to focus on providing excellent, patient-centered care. As we move forward to address the needs of our community, we will work with our local partners from the Chestnut Hill Community Association and the Chestnut Hill Business Association to ensure changes at the Hospital are in accordance with local guidelines. Thanks again for your participation and commitment to making our community thrive.

Catherine M. Brzozowski
Director, Marketing and Public Relations|
Chestnut Hill Hospital — Tower Health

Klezmer music fan

I wrote to you a few weeks ago after you ran an article about Muddy Waters, sharing my appreciation of his music after your writer wrote about his. This week I wanted to let you know that I also share your appreciation of Hankus Netsky, whose music I first encountered in 1980 or so (“Mt. Airy native author/composer reviving klezmer music,” Jan. 30). I have seen him live with the New England Klezmer Conservatory Band and at least once more with a group of local musicians that included my 8th grade history teacher! So keep up your good work bringing the work of musicians to everyone’s attention. 

Marc Inver
Lafayette Hill