Time to act on climate change

As a Junior in Germantown Friends School, I often feel exasperation and a feeling of being trapped on a train barreling towards a future over which I have no control. Though the climate crisis affects us all, my generation is the most at risk and has the most to lose due to our legislators’ and past generations’ negligence towards (or deliberate obstruction of) climate legislation which we desperately need. My future is at stake, and at a time when I don’t have a voice in the American voting system, it feels like I have no say over own quality of life. That must change.

I’ve seen a lack of coverage of the stories surrounding climate change, and as a result I believe that it is vital to begin a dialogue within communities and within local media publications, in order to help preserve the climate which affects us all. We must not only rejoice at our local victories, like the passage of the recent bills in Philadelphia, Allentown and Pittsburgh, committing the respective cities to being 100% fossil fuel free, but also fight for statewide bills such as HB1425 from Rep. Chris Rabb, and SB630 from Sen. Thomas Killian, to commit Pennsylvania to 100% renewable energy by 2050 – creating jobs and cutting down pollution, a double bonus.

Pennsylvania’s heavy addiction to fossil fuels has left destruction in its wake, and we must work hard to fix that. The vast majority of this country supports climate reform legislation. It is far past time for our voices to be heard.

Asaf Lebovic
Germantown Friends School