The Chestnut Hill McDonald’s closed for good on Dec. 31. (Photo by Michael Penn)

By Pete Mazzaccaro

The Chestnut Hill McDonald’s restaurant at 7800 Germantown Ave. closed for good on Jan. 1. The franchise operators having declined to renew their lease with the landlord, the Romano family, which operated a garage and gas station on the property many years ago.

Doug Green, a principal with MSC Retail, which is acting as a broker for the Romano family, said he is looking for a new tenant for the property. He said the property’s zoning, CMX-2.5, is relatively generous to any number of uses, including mixed retail and residential. The family, Green said, would prefer to retain ownership and have a tenant with a long-term lease but would consider a sale.

“The family is taking a proactive approach, which is unusual,” Green said. “They depend on the property for income but want to be sure to do right by the community and find the right tenant.”

Green said the zoning for the property meant it was difficult to predict what would take its place. He said its possible that a tenant could simply retrofit the current McDonald’s structure or could tear down what exists there now and build new.

“We’ll explore all options,” he said.

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