Keep it local

I looked forward to reading the article “The perfect gifts for your foodie friends and relatives.” Then I became dismayed because Ms. Lisante recommended mainly gifts for purchase online. Only one local store was recommended. I don’t have a subscription for information that I can find myself online. Why waste pages of our local paper promoting Amazon when we have many interesting shops in Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy? I know about Mt. Airy Art Garage, Kilians and Weavers Way (especially the Mercantile this time of year) for gifts and was looking forward to learning about other local stores and resources. Articles in our local paper should support our local businesses.

Gloria Rohlfs
Chestnut Hill

Editor’s Note: Almost every column in the Local is devoted to local shops and services. April wrote two local gift guides in our recent Holidays on the Hill Supplement. Sometimes, it’s worth noting other things in which readers might be interested that aren’t solely available locally