by Brendan Sample

The board of the Chestnut Hill Community Association continued to focus on its important holiday fundraisers at its latest meeting.

With one of the CHCA’s biggest events of the year already wrapped up, Marilyn Paucker, vice president of the Social Division, shared some early figures from the Black and White Gala. Along with the gala’s usual sponsorship, the new Friend of the Gala sponsorship group brought in an additional $2,100. Though exact figures are still coming in, Paucker did confirm the CHCA profited from the event, which will allow the association to further fund other projects and events throughout the year.

“It was just a feel-good event,” Paucker said of the gala. “I don’t think we’ve ever had so many board members at an event, and I thank you all for that. I also have to thank the [Black and White Gala] committee, who worked tirelessly and made it all come together.”

Looking ahead to December, the CHCA will be putting on its annual Holiday House Tour and Holiday Parade on Dec. 7 and Dec. 14, respectively. In his first year as head of the Holiday House Tour committee, Andy Kite announced that five homes had already been registered as stops on the tour, they had partnered with Chestnut Hill College to allow for more parking and that West German BMW had purchased a lead sponsorship. For the Holiday Parade, the CHCA is hoping for better conditions this year, as last year’s parade had to be canceled due to inclement weather.

The Chestnut Hill Business District confirmed that new signage at both entrances to the neighborhood would be installed by the spring. It will also be initiating formal planning for Chestnut Hill wayfinding directory signage along Germantown Avenue with the same consultant that is leading a project for vehicular wayfinding signage across Northwest Philadelphia.

In the physical division, Larry McEwen confirmed that the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment approved the proposed house for 250 E. Evergreen Ave. on Oct. 16. This was the final step in a review process that lasted several months and saw a high level of input from neighbors that led to numerous changes to the final plan.

The next CHCA meeting is set for Thursday, Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. Brendan Sample can be reached at or 215-248-8819.